A large number of Houston-area public high school students have been sent to disciplinary centers due to a new Texas law aimed at curbing underage smoking, the Houston Chronicle reported. However, the punishment has sparked dissent from critics who say it does not fit the crime.

According to reports, SB114, which took effect on September 1 last year, requires public schools to send students caught using vapes to disciplinary centers, which are set up for students with serious problems. The bill would place the possession of vapes on campus on the same level of punishment as bringing a gun to school, terrorist threats, and violent assaults, among other felonies.

More than 1,300 students in Houston’s five largest districts were punished this year, with most sent to alternative schools, according to data compiled by the Houston Chronicle. The law allows for out-of-school or in-school suspensions when the Disciplinary Education Program (DAEP) capacity is insufficient.

According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 2.1 million students reported using vapes in 2023. These products can be highly addictive and potentially harmful.

Will you be sent to a disciplinary center for smoking vapes? Texas’ new bill has been criticized by all parties

Critics of the new law, including school administrators, parents and advocates, say it is too punitive and less flexible, and that students would receive better quality through treatment and intervention. The bill’s sponsor, Texas Rep. Ed Thompson, said the purpose of the bill is to rescue children from the criminal justice system, noting that since the bill’s passage, The number of smoking cases has been declining in Brazoria County.

In addition, he said he proposed the measure after learning that some Brazoria County schools and law enforcement agencies were inundated with vaping issues. He said many students in the district have been cited by the criminal justice system for using or selling vapes containing nicotine or marijuana.

He hopes the bill will give schools the opportunity to deal with these students internally, with punishments severe enough to “put the fear of God on these kids” rather than draining county resources. He also wants to prevent children from getting criminal records because of “one stupid decision”.

A controversial new bill in Texas, USA, proposes that people who smoke vapes may be sent to a disciplinary center. This decision caused widespread criticism and discussion from all walks of life.

According to reports, this new bill aims to strengthen the management of vape products used by minors and attempts to deter teenagers from abusing vapes through severe punitive measures. However, the bill has been criticized from all sides, with the main focus being on classifying vaping as a disciplinary matter and mandating that offenders be sent to disciplinary centres.

Will you be sent to a disciplinary center for smoking vapes? Texas’ new bill has been criticized by all parties

On this issue, Veehoo vape, as a company committed to promoting safe use and compliance management, expressed concerns about some aspects of the bill. They believe that preventing minors from abusing vapes is important, but a more comprehensive and effective approach should be taken to solve the problem, rather than simply treating vape smoking as a disciplinary issue.

As a member of the industry, veehoo vapes, with eleven years of experience as an vape factory, has been committed to promoting moderate and responsible use of vapes. They emphasized the importance of education and publicity so that consumers understand the proper use and potential risks of vapes. In addition, veehoo vapes have also been actively taking measures to ensure product compliance and safety.

However, treating vaping as a disciplinary issue and being sent to a disciplinary center may not be the best way to solve the problem. Some critics point out that this approach could have negative social impacts, conflate vape use with other more serious problems, and could lead to minors being subject to harsher penalties rather than receiving necessary education and support.

On the contrary, veehoo vape advocates taking comprehensive measures to deal with the problem of vape abuse by minors. This includes strengthening age restrictions and identity verification, strengthening supervision at points of sale, providing relevant education and awareness campaigns, and working with schools and parents to jointly raise awareness of vapes and risks.

Will you be sent to a disciplinary center for smoking vapes? Texas’ new bill has been criticized by all parties

Finally, veehoo vape emphasizes the importance of cooperation. Government, industry and social parties should work together to formulate policies and measures that are consistent with science and reality to ensure the safe use and management of vapes. Only through cooperation and rational discussion can a solution be found that balances the interests of all parties and provides a safe and healthy environment for minors.

To sum up, the new bill in Texas, USA, which treats vape smoking as a disciplinary issue has caused controversy. As a company in this industry, veehoo vapes emphasizes the importance of vape abuse by minors and advocates a more comprehensive and effective approach to solving it, rather than simply classifying the behavior as a disciplinary issue. They called for strengthening education and publicity to ensure product compliance and safety, and working together with government agencies, schools, parents and other parties to promote the goals of safe use and compliance management. Through cooperation and rational discussion, we can find solutions that balance the interests of all parties and provide a safe and healthy environment for minors while protecting their rights and well-being.

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