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The VEEHOO brand originates from the United Kingdom. VEEHOO perfectly inherits the essence of Western Vaper, and integrates the new generation of young people's pursuit of passion and fashion culture. It is committed to creating visual enjoyment of former fashion, freedom and personality for different groups.


VEEHOO products have become fashionable and gentleman symbols.

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All products comply with the CE and ROSH US FDA's qualified inspection standards, and have registered trademarks and patents in many countries at home and abroad.

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VEEHOO will focus on global brand building and product research and development.

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China VAPE FACTORY | VEEHOO international Disposable vape

With vaping going from a fad to the cornerstone of fabulous lifestyles, today’s vapers are hard to please. They are increasingly reluctant to stop by the first online vape shop they come upon and prefer those that offer the best products, even if it means a more exhaustive search. If you own a retail store for all things vaping, your eyeballs might always be on e-cigarettes your customers will want to buy.

Team up with a wholesaler that will never run out of such items. The VEEHOO vape manufacturer specializes in developing and producing top-quality refillable e-cigs and disposable vapes that are worth looking for. Your customers want the most gratifying vaping experience – you can now meet their needs with VEEHOO!

Wholesale e-cigarettes with a touch of originality

We will make sure your vape store appeals to younger and older audiences. Even though most manufacturers produce one-size-fits-all vaping devices, we analyze every vaper’s preferences and trends to design e-cigs that are everyone’s dream to own. As an original design manufacturer that has been around for over 19 years, VEEHOO doubles down on originality across its entire range of:

Our vaping products are designed in-house in compliance with the FDA, RoHS, and other technical and health standards. In addition, we offer cheap e-cigarettes for sale in an array of styles. Whether your audience is blown away by ergonomic cigar-like designs, vape pens, or more sophisticated options, you can stock up on them here.

Vapers of all genders and types fancy VEEHOO products because they can tickle their taste buds and boost convenience. Our latest vapes allow for adjusting airflow for more enjoyable inhaling, and our original mesh technology makes every puff way smoother.

How about upending your flavor selection? VEEHOO products push the limits with over 30 flavors, including classic tobacco, watermelon, and chocolate. Custom additions are our pleasure for supplying something that tastes good, looks cool, and lasts extremely long.

Buy vapes online for OEM/ODM orders

If you’re looking for a supplier of wholesale e-cigarettes produced with patented practices, VEEHOO is the best choice. Our vaping experts are always alert to oversee and tune up the production process and supply products for your OEM/ODM order.

Want to know what discounts you can snag with your wholesale order? Contact us to discuss it.

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