First, e-cigarettes use atomization technology, which reduces the carcinogenic substances produced during combustion compared with traditional cigarettes

veehoo v7

Second, e-cigarettes are atomized by heating the liquid, which contains no harmful substances such as tar compared with traditional cigarettes. veehoo’s disposable e-cigarette D3S, for example, contains only 3% nicotine. It’s a small, personalized sticker that you can throw away when you’re done, which is convenient and healthy.

veehoo D3S

Third, traditional cigarettes need an open flame, and many fires are caused by smoking. Electronic cigarettes rely on atomization technology, which is much less harmful than traditional cigarettes


Fourth, e-cigarettes can curb the degree of addiction to nicotine. According to the feedback of e-cigarette users, they will not get used to smoking cigarettes after using e-cigarettes, which will be much less harmful


Fifth, the vapor emitted by e-cigarettes is much better than that of traditional cigarettes, which is not so unpleasant

Sixth, smoking can cause coughing, and e-cigarettes have much less effect

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