According to the BBC report on April 25, according to the latest report from the World Health Organization (WHO), the rate of cannabis use among 15-year-old boys in Scotland ranks first in the world.

The study found that nearly a quarter (23%) of Scottish 15-year-old boys surveyed said they had tried the Class B drug cannabis.

The study sponsored by the WHO is the largest to date, covering 280,000 children aged 11, 13 and 15 years old from 44 countries around the world. The survey also revealed that underage smoking is a worse problem in the UK than in many other countries.

The survey asked minors living in Europe, Central Asia and Canada about their use of cigarettes, vapes, alcohol and cannabis, and the study found children in Scotland and Wales were more likely to smoke cannabis than in many other countries. These two countries rank among the top five globally. Of 4,000 Scottish teenagers surveyed, 23% of 15-year-old boys said they had smoked cannabis, compared with 16% of girls of the same age. Canadian girls have the highest cannabis use rate in the world, reaching 25%.

Dr Jo Inchley from the University of Glasgow said the high ranking of Scottish boys in the study was “worrying”.

“Compared to other countries, Scotland has the highest rates of cannabis use among 15-year-old boys in the whole study. This is worrying. Although we are seeing these declines, our figures are still relatively high compared to other countries.”

Meanwhile, research has found that vape use in the UK is above average compared to other countries, with two in five English 15-year-olds having used vapes. 40% of Scottish 15-year-old girls surveyed said they had used vapes, compared with 33% of boys.

The report confirms that vape use has surpassed cigarette use in most countries, with nearly one in ten 11-year-olds saying they have used vapes at least once, and by the age of 15, the proportion of boys using vapes rose to 26%, and the proportion of girls using vapes rose to 40%.

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