The football World Cup is about to be held in Qatar, and fans from all over the world are coming to watch the match, including e-cigarette users. But football’s governing body, FIFA, has long disliked tobacco and banned its advertising, and is a global champion of smoking cessation.

Carta World Cup

Karta is an Islamic country, and Islam abstain from alcohol and smoking, so e-cigarettes are not allowed to be used when watching the football World Cup at the venue. As early as 2014, Karta issued a policy that e-cigarettes are not allowed in Karta. In addition, violations of Karta’s e-cigarette ban could face full penalties, including a fine or three months in jail.

Many UK vape users would like to be able to carry veehoo vape, but have to give it up because Karta’s policy does not allow it. The director general of the Vape Club of the UK and Marchant stressed that because of progressive attitudes to vaping in the UK, British citizens may be more likely than others to unknowingly get into trouble.

Because of Carta’s policy, we do not recommend going to Carta to watch the World Cup with e-cigarettes.

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