According to Vietnamese media kinhtedothi, Vietnamese medical expert Professor Nguyen Trung Nguyen said that vapes are starting a new trend of abuse of artificial chemicals. Relevant officials from the Vietnamese Ministry of Health said that a bill to comprehensively ban the manufacture, operation, import, and advertising of new tobacco products is being formulated and will be submitted to Congress for resolution.

The first is that the nicotine content in vapes is higher than that in regular cigarettes. Secondly, vape smoke contains a lot of chemicals. Finally, vapes also carry the risk of drug abuse. People who smoke vapes are 3.5 times more likely to take drugs than people who do not smoke vapes.

Ms Nguyen Thi An, director of the Vietnam-based Canadian Health Bridge Organization, said Vietnam needs to implement market control measures, strengthen enforcement and strengthen regulations to prevent smuggling, advertising and selling of these products to stop rising use among teenagers.

Related to this, Ms. Ding Qiushui from the Ministry of Health of Vietnam said that the Ministry of Health’s position has always been to ban all new tobacco products (such as vapes, heated cigarettes, and other new tobacco products). Therefore, the Ministry of Health recommends the formulation of a comprehensive ban on the manufacture, operation, import, and advertising of new tobacco products, and a resolution issued by Congress.

The congressional resolution will include a clear explanation of the concepts of vapes, heated cigarettes, and other new types of tobacco, prohibiting the manufacture, operation, import, and advertising of new types of tobacco, and stipulating the responsibilities of relevant organizations. The Ministry of Health is developing relevant documents and submitting plans to the government for submission to Congress for early adoption of management measures.

It is expected that this content will be submitted at the parliamentary meeting in October 2024.

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All in all, although Vietnam’s Ministry of Health plans to ban new tobacco products, including vapes, in the future, Veehoo vapes, as an experienced brand, is actively responding to this policy change. They will adapt to the changing environment by finding and stabilizing markets in other legal regions, as well as by upgrading and innovating products. Veehoo vapes firmly believe that by working with regulatory agencies and industry organizations, they can ensure the legality and safety of their products and provide consumers with an excellent smoking experience.

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