Some friends who are new to vapes will inevitably run into walls. If you smoke vapes like cigarettes, it is not acceptable, and it is often easy to cause problems such as sore throat or lung injury. Before using vapes, you need to do some preparations. First, you need to buy the right vaping equipment and vaping liquid. Veehoo vapes usually include batteries, nozzles, heaters and liquid storage tanks. vape liquid needs to choose the flavor and concentration that suits your own taste and inhalation habits.

For models that can be filled with oil, when injecting vape liquid into the liquid storage tank, be careful not to exceed the maximum capacity of the liquid storage tank. When adding liquid, it is necessary to inject the liquid into the central orifice of the liquid storage tank to avoid the liquid from entering the nozzle.

veehoo vape is a popular vape brand, which uses high-quality materials and advanced technology to provide a good user experience. Before using veehoo vapes, we also need to master some skills and methods in order to use it better.

1. The mouthpiece is tilted upwards at 45° for the best experience.

2. It is forbidden to invert the cigarette rod, that is, to lie down and smoke with the mouthpiece down.

3. Don’t take big mouthfuls quickly, take small mouthfuls slowly (2-3 seconds per mouthful), the taste is the best.

4. Do not leave the car in a high-temperature environment for a long time.

5. It is forbidden to rinse with water, if it needs to be cleaned, it can be wiped with a cotton cloth.

6. Do not allow metal objects to touch the inside of the device.

After using vapes for a period of time, cleaning and maintenance are required. Take the vape apart, clean the heater and nozzle, and remove residue from the liquid storage tank. When cleaning, you need to be careful not to wet the internal circuit of the vape.

In general, the veehoo vape usage tutorial needs to pay attention to some basic steps, such as choosing flavor and strength, oil filling, charging, inhalation and maintenance, etc. When using vapes, you need to follow the operating steps in the instructions to get better results.