Ukraine will begin banning flavored vapes on July 11, the latest in a string of vape bans and flavor bans around the world. Regarding this trend, the vape industry giant veehoo said that vapes need to usher in a new development direction in order to maintain their existing development momentum.

An vape is an electronic device that delivers nicotine to the user for inhalation by heating a liquid to produce vapor. Since its inception, vapes have become a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, as more and more countries and regions begin to restrict and ban vapes, the vape industry is facing huge challenges.

Ukraine’s move to ban flavored vapes is motivated by concerns about teenage smoking. The flavors of many flavored vaping liquids tend to attract the interest of young people, which has also contributed to the rise in teen smoking rates. However, the vaping industry disagrees with this approach, arguing that such restrictions would unnecessarily restrict the availability of alternative tobacco products to adults.

Veehoo said that as a way to replace traditional cigarettes, vapes may need to usher in new development directions while maintaining their existing development. They believe that vapes need to pay more attention to their concept of health and position them as a healthy alternative, not just a substitute. In addition, vapes can also attract more users by providing more beneficial ingredients.

In addition, the vape industry can also respond to more and more restrictions and bans through stricter self-discipline. Veehoo stated that they will continue to invest in R&D and innovation to provide healthier and safer vape products and comply with local laws and regulations. They believe that only through cooperation with the government and the public can the vape industry maintain its existing momentum and embrace new development directions.

In conclusion, the vape industry needs to realize that in the face of more and more restrictions and bans, they need to pay more attention to the concept of health, and maintain their existing development momentum through innovation and self-discipline. Only in this way can they continue to provide users with healthier and safer alternative tobacco products in the future.