According to vapingpost, Public Health England will soon officially authorize e-cigarettes as a medical product for smoking cessation.

As part of efforts to create a “smoke-free” UK by 2030, a review commissioned by the UK Department of Health is expected to report this month recommending the promotion of e-cigarettes as a less harmful alternative to existing smokers. Javed Khan was appointed to lead the investigation by UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid in February.

“In my review, I have considered a range of key interventions that will have the greatest impact. For example, I have looked at promoting e-cigarettes as a less harmful alternative; greater efforts by national health systems to end smoking role and the need to address illicit tobacco sales,” Khan said in response to his appointment.

“Tobacco is the largest cause of preventable disease and death, with an estimated one-quarter of all cancer deaths in 2019 from smoking. Despite national progress, such as the 2007 ban on indoor smoking, in this Smoking rates remain high in some parts of the country – especially in poorer areas.”

“I have been commissioned by the Minister of Health and Social Care to help the government achieve its goal of being smoke-free by 2030. The evidence clearly shows that action on smoking will be critical to substantially improving the health and wealth of the country.”

The UK is a leader in tobacco harm reduction, and has long been a leader in supporting the use of safer alternative nicotine products to quit smoking. As a result, smoking rates in the UK are the lowest ever since cigarettes emerged decades ago. of.

 The UK has long been a leader in supporting the use of safer alternative nicotine products to quit smoking, and as a result, smoking rates in the UK have been at their lowest ever since the advent of cigarettes decades ago.

The UK government’s document Towards a Smokefree Generation, A Tobacco Control Plan for England, released last summer, encourages different localities to develop their own tobacco control strategies, focusing on vaping and other reductions Injury or smoking cessation aids.

The British Medical Association (BMA) supports these developments and recommends licensing e-cigarettes as medicines, allowing doctors to recommend e-cigarettes to smokers trying to quit.

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