New industry data collected by online vape retailers, which account for around 43% of the UK market, shows that large numbers of older people are users of disposable and flavored vapes, the focus of a government consultation due to end on December 6. Aiming to solve the problem of vape smoking among young people.

The tobacco industry has warned that any move to ban single-use vapes and flavors would have catastrophic consequences for the nation’s public health and would effectively end any chance of creating a smoke-free generation in the near future. vapes and flavors have been key drivers of UK smoking rates falling to record lows over the past two years.

Last quarter’s sales figures from the UK’s four leading online retailers, which account for nearly a quarter of the UK market, show:

UK adult vape users rely on flavored and disposable vapes

The most popular flavor among middle-aged people (35-44 years old) is “Fruit” flavor, followed by “Snacks and Desserts” flavor;

The highest proportion of tobacco flavor use is in the age group over 55 years old;

Mint and tobacco flavors are less popular among middle-aged people;

The average age of adult disposable product users is 39 years old.

The latest adult vape statistics follow a survey conducted by One Poll earlier this year, which revealed that 83% of vape users said flavors helped them quit smoking, with a third People say banning flavors would push them back to smoking traditional cigarettes, which would represent an estimated 1.5 million former smokers.

UK adult vape users rely on flavored and disposable vapes

Dan Marchant, co-owner of online retailer Vape Club, said: “These statistics show that those in our industry already know that those flavored and disposable vapes are now under government scrutiny because the government Hoping to address youth vaping, these vapes are a lifeline for former adult smokers.” Vape Club provided demographic sales data.

“The legal vaping industry fully recognizes the need to address the issue of youth vaping, but there should be no blanket ban as this would impact adults who rely on vaping. It is illegal for retailers to sell vapes to minors , which already bans the use of vapes by those under 18. That’s why the industry is calling for tougher enforcement of existing laws, with fines of up to £10,000 ($12,631) per breach and the introduction of a retail licensing scheme , to weed out rogue traders.”

John Dunn, director general of UKVIA, asked: “Why do 4.5 million adults who have spent years trying to kick a habit that kills 250 people a day, and successfully quit it through vapes, risk their lives being taken away from them?” What about the risks?”

“If the government goes down the path of banning disposable vapes and/or flavors, current vapers are likely to return to smoking, which would have catastrophic consequences for the country’s public health and undermine the government’s smoke-free ambitions Any chance. The only winners from any potential ban on the vape industry are the tobacco industry and the illicit market, which no one in their right mind wants to see.”

As vapes gain popularity, more and more adults view them as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, a recent study found that British adult vape users are increasingly focusing on flavor and the convenience of disposable vapes when purchasing vape products.

Taste is one of the important factors for vape users to choose products. Traditional cigarettes only have a few flavors to choose from, while vapes offer more variety. Users can choose from a variety of fruit, candy, tobacco and beverage flavors according to their preferences. This diversity allows vape users to choose products that suit them based on their personal tastes, resulting in a better smoking experience. As a well-known brand, veehoo vapes not only provide a wide range of flavor choices, but also continuously introduce new products to meet the taste needs of users.

UK adult vape users rely on flavored and disposable vapes

Another factor affecting the vape market is the popularity of disposable vapes. Disposable vapes are easy to use and portable. Consumers do not need to purchase additional equipment or replace cigarette cartridges. They only need to discard them after use. This convenience attracts many users, especially those who are trying vapes for the first time. veehoo vapes have also launched a series of TPD-certified disposable vape products, such as veehoo D2 and veehoo D6s, etc., aiming to meet users’ needs for convenience.

However, we also need to note that although the convenience of flavors and disposable vapes play an important role in the vape market, users should still use vape products rationally. vapes still contain nicotine, which may pose potential health risks. Therefore, relevant health guidelines should be followed and reliable brands and products chosen.

In conclusion:

The reliance of UK adult vape users on flavored and disposable vapes is an important trend in the vape market. As a well-known brand, veehoo vapes focus on meeting users’ taste needs and providing convenient disposable vape products. However, when enjoying the convenience and variety of flavors of vapes, users should also remain rational, pay attention to health issues, and choose reliable brands and products.

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