Everyone will wonder what is a closed vape?

How to distinguish so many vape products on the market? In fact, vape products are mainly divided into two categories: open vapes and closed vapes. Through the following introduction, I believe everyone can have a certain understanding of these two types of vapes.

What is a closed vape?

Closed vape is the mainstream type of vape on the market at present. It is a general term for bomb-changing vape and disposable vape products.

Because these vapes adopt a closed system, that is, there is no need to set product parameters, the product cannot be disassembled at will, and e-liquid cannot be injected by itself. cigarette.

What is an open vape?

Open vapes use an open refueling chamber, which supports consumers’ DIY operations and self-refilling to achieve recycling. However, this seems to be very convenient and cost-effective, and it is likely to pose a threat to their own health.

Because most users tend to buy e-liquid produced by non-regular manufacturers, the composition is uncontrollable, not only the quality of e-liquid is not up to standard, but also when faced with the freedom to adjust e-liquid, users are prone to random additions, which will cause harm to the body harm.

Therefore, relatively speaking, closed vape (disposable vape) products are safer. Although it seems to limit the user’s hands-on ability, it actually improves the product experience and safety.

Closed vapes (disposable vape products)

It has two significant advantages:

1. Regular enterprises control quality and ensure product safety

Disposable vapes or their pods are disposable and cannot be reused or refilled. Only the e-liquid that has been tested by the original factory can be used.

The power, battery, and voltage of the product have been precisely set before leaving the factory, and users do not need to reset them to avoid excessive temperature of the product due to improper operation, resulting in harmful components, and to enhance the safety of the product during use.

In the face of the uneven quality of e-liquid in the market, the quality of disposable vape products is strictly controlled by regular companies to prevent users from adding ingredients or partially modifying products at will. Just because regular companies pay attention to reputation, market, sales and other reasons, disposable vape products will be safer and more secure.

In addition, disposable vapes are slightly better than open vapes in terms of size and weight.

2. Small and light, easy to operate

Generally speaking, disposable vapes are small in size and light in weight, making them easy to carry around. No need to operate, it can be disassembled and eaten immediately, it is convenient to use, and the power is low, which is more suitable for public use.

Not only that, but the disposable vape can also be upgraded with many new functions, such as bomb-changing disposable vapes, rechargeable lithium batteries, adjustable smoke size and other functions, which increase the fun of product operation.

The composition of e-liquid is fixed and controllable, and it is highly safe in the case of limited reuse, and it also has a product experience that is almost the same as that of open vapes.

This is why the World Health Organization and the “vape Management Measures” prohibit the sale of vapes that can add their own vapors. Because closed vapes are not only convenient for the country to reasonably supervise vape products, but also more controllable in terms of product quality and safety hazards.

Compared with cigarettes, vapes are much less harmful, and the advantages of the closed system of disposable vapes make them much safer. They have gradually become the preferred product type for many vape consumers.

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