On September 28, local time, at the 2022 GTNF Forum in Washington, D.C., FEELM Max, a one-time electronic atomization technology solution with ceramic cores, won the Golden Leaf Award for “Most Promising Innovative Technology”.
In the opinion of the organizer, almost all disposable electronic atomization products on the market are cotton wicks. Due to the inaccurate temperature control of the cotton wicks, miscellaneous odors, burnt odors and harmful substances will be generated during the atomization process. “FEELM Max is the world’s first disposable electronic atomization solution with ceramic cores. The ceramic cores have excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Compared with cotton core products, FEELM Max has better taste, mouth count and consistency.” The organizer In the award speech of FEELM Max.
Four years ago, FEELM won the Golden Leaf Award for its world-leading atomization technology; four years later, FEELM won the Golden Leaf Award again with FEELM Max. This is another global award that FEELM Max has won following the Red Dot Award this year.
The Golden Leaf Award is jointly reviewed by independent industry experts from around the world. It is one of the most neutral and authoritative professional awards in the industry. It aims to recognize companies and brands that have made outstanding contributions to the industry. The “Most Promising New Product” award is open to companies and institutions that launch new technologies and new products. The judges of the award will make a comprehensive consideration of several dimensions, such as product innovation, whether it solves the pain points of consumers, and whether it can improve the efficiency of the production process, and finally determine the winners. FEELM Max won the “Most Promising New Product” award, which represents the high recognition of FEELM Max technology and product experience by global industry experts.
At the award ceremony, Dr. Shi, the representative of FEELM and the chief scientist of Smol, said that winning the Golden Leaf Award represents another milestone in the development of FEELM technology; Max sets a new benchmark for product performance in the disposable product market. At the same time, it also coincides with the theme of this GTNF “scientific and technological innovation to promote transformation”.
In the global market, disposable electronic atomization equipment has been a dark horse in the new tobacco industry in the past two years, and its market share has been growing rapidly. According to statistics from Sullivan, in 2022, the market size of disposable electronic atomization equipment is expected to reach 2.72 billion US dollars. From 2022 to 2026, its market growth rate will exceed 28%, which is the fastest growing category in the entire industry. This field has attracted countless big and small brand players.
According to the evaluation of industry experts, FEELM, which already has absolute technical advantages and market advantages in the reloadable market, is expected to subvert the previous growth inertia in this field and bring the quality of reloadable products into the disposable field. As the world’s first disposable atomization solution with ceramic cores, FEELM Max relies on the innovation of the underlying technology to achieve the transcendence of traditional cotton core solutions in multiple dimensions, from “more mouths, better taste, and higher consistency” Three dimensions redefine disposable electronic atomization products.
At present, FEELM’s one-off solutions have been recognized by many customers around the world, and are sold in more than ten countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Russia, and Azerbaijan.
The media previously reported that British American Tobacco’s VUSE Go, a disposable product, is also produced by FEELM. According to public information, as of the first half of this year, Vuse Go’s market share in the UK has risen to the third place and is rapidly approaching the second place. In the second half of the year, the product will be widely distributed in the European market.
In addition to redefining products with technological innovation and creating a better atomization experience, FEELM Max also strives to protect the environment and launches a series of green and sustainable technical solutions, covering packaging, materials, production and other links, and strives to reduce the carbon footprint of products. Emissions will be minimized, helping customers accelerate access to global markets.
Due to the new crown epidemic, the selection of the Golden Leaf Awards in 2020 and 2021 has been postponed to 2022, which means that this selection is unprecedentedly fierce, and the winning works represent the innovation of the industry in the past three years. FEELM Max’s certification of this award also confirms that its global influence is constantly improving.

Source: Aibang New Consumer Electronics Information

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