Vapes have become a new favorite among smokers and people who love smoke ring performances. This tutorial will show you how to make smoke rings and O’s, with easy and cool vape tips for beginners and advanced users alike.

1. How to blow smoke rings and O’s:

Blowing smoke rings and O’s is one of the most popular techniques among vapers. Here are some simple steps to help you master these techniques:

2. Simple vape tips for beginners:

For beginners, here are some simple yet satisfying vaping tips:

3. Cool Vape Tips for Advanced Users:

For the skilled vaper, here are some mind-blowing vape tips:

Please note that these techniques require practice and patience. Make sure to do it in a safe environment, away from flammable items, and avoid doing it in confined spaces or with smoke-sensitive people.


Making smoke rings and mastering vape skills is a form of fun and performance among vapers. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, by practicing and exploring different techniques, you can demonstrate your amazing vape skills. Remember, enjoy these tips and always be safe. May you enjoy these amazing tips in the world of vaping!

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