As the global vape market continues to expand, product innovation and policy adaptation have become the norm in the industry. The South American market, with its huge growth potential, has attracted the attention of many international brands.

At the Paraguay vape Exhibition that just concluded recently, there were more than ten brands from China, including elfbar, OXBAR, ANYX, geek vape, lost merry and MK, as well as many local brands from the United States and Paraguay, exhibiting their latest creativity. and products. In this exhibition, although most of them are American brands and local brands, the products of some Chinese brands have attracted special attention, telling how Chinese brands rely on innovation and localization strategies to stand out in a competitive market.

The EW9000, a brand owned by the disposable giant ELFBAR, is the first product to use a magnetic battery and dual-mode use functions. With its special design, it has attracted many users’ interactive experience. The editor discovered that EW9000 is actually a “new vest” of the Off-stamp product launched by its parent company, Miracle, in the US market last month.

Similarly, the emerging Chinese brand ANYX attracted a lot of attention at the exhibition with its specially launched “rainbow version” product – ANYX MX PLUS – LGBT, which greatly enhanced the popularity and market influence of this brand that has just turned one year old. This product is specially designed for the South American market where LGBT rights are protected by law. It is excellent feedback from Chinese brands on their in-depth exploration of South American local culture and market needs.

These successful cases of innovation and localization strategies have set new high standards for the vape industry. They not only demonstrate the brand’s ability to meet the diverse needs of consumers through technological innovation and sensitivity to market needs, but also emphasize the importance of localized operations in the context of a globalized market.

It is understood that the current vape companies are promoting multi-dimensional market layout. It is an inevitable choice to choose third-party overseas channel service provider platform cooperation for enterprises to supplement their strategies and determine market information.

With the booming vape market in South America, Veehoo vapes, as an international brand, need to adopt innovation and localization strategies to adapt to this market. The following are key measures that Veehoo vapes can consider when entering the South American market: To adapt to the South American vape market, Veehoo vapes need to adopt innovation and localization strategies. Through technological innovation, product localization, cultural integration, marketing promotion and cooperation, Veehoo vapes can gain competitive advantages in the South American market. Understanding local market needs, respecting local culture, and working closely with local partners will help Veehoo vapes achieve successful and sustainable development in the South American vape market.

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