According to CTN News on June 17, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce have joined forces to authorize all teachers nationwide to confiscate vapes and e-liquids in the classroom. This move gives teachers, education staff and school leaders nationwide the authority to confiscate vapes and e-liquids found in schools that violate Section 17 of the Goods Import and Export Act (1979).

Children are still bringing these vapes to school, said Education Minister Thee Pawangkanan, who said vaping is harmful to their health, intellectual and emotional development.

Although the Ministry of Education works closely with the police to prevent and monitor, such as conducting surprise inspections of vape shops around schools, it still cannot properly solve the problem. Because teachers cannot confiscate vapes from children or parents, they need to seek assistance from the police.

As a result, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce have now authorized teachers, educators and school heads across the country to confiscate vapes found in schools in violation of Section 17 of the Goods Import and Export Act (1979).

Pawangkanan said the measure is a proactive clampdown on the vape problem within schools and will not increase the workload of teachers who are already looking after and protecting children. Prior to this, Bangkok Mayor Chadchart Sittipunt had clearly directed that all schools operated by the Bangkok Municipal Government be vape-free zones. He gave schools full authority to check students’ luggage, confiscate vapes, and ask professionals to educate them about the health threats and precautions of smoking products.

Despite the growing trend of smoking vapes worldwide, Thailand has taken a firm stand against it. The government prohibits the import, sale and possession of vapes and e-liquids, and offenders will be subject to severe penalties. Many tourists are unaware of this regulation and face heavy fines and possible jail time if caught.

Critics believe that the regulations are too harsh and inconsistent with the more flexible approach of other countries.

Veehoo vape, as a leading brand that pays attention to global policy changes, expressed concern about the Thai government’s decision and called on minors not to use vapes.

Veehoo vape has always been committed to complying with the laws and regulations of various countries and paying attention to policy changes around the world. They recognize that the use of vapes may have a negative impact on the health of minors and firmly call on minors not to use vape products.

As a brand that pays attention to the health of users, Veehoo vape has always emphasized the quality and safety of its products. Their products use advanced heating technology to reduce the production of harmful substances and provide a smoking-like experience. In addition, Veehoo vape is committed to providing a variety of flavor options and meeting consumer needs through high-quality manufacturing processes.

Despite the rapid growth of the use of vapes worldwide, the Thai government has taken a firm stance against vapes and has banned the import, sale and possession of vapes and e-liquids. Veehoo vape understands and respects the regulatory restrictions on vapes by governments of various countries and calls on consumers to comply with local laws and regulations.

The use of vapes by minors may have adverse effects on their health and pose risks to their physical and psychological development. Therefore, Veehoo strongly calls on minors not to use vape products, and works with parents, educational institutions and the government to strengthen anti-smoking education and publicity for minors.

In short, Veehoo will continue to pay attention to policy changes in various countries, actively respond to and comply with local laws and regulations. They will continue to be committed to providing high-quality, safe and reliable vape products, and pay attention to the public health of society by calling on minors not to use vapes. We believe that through the joint efforts of the whole society, we can effectively respond to the challenges brought by vapes and protect the health and well-being of minors.

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