According to Vaping360 on May 31, the Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), a subsidiary of the Dutch Ministry of Health, proposed a proposal to standardize the function and appearance of vapes. They believe that reducing the attractiveness and ease of use of vape products will help eliminate the use of vapes by teenagers.

RIVM detailed the proposal in a document released in April titled “Options for Reducing the Attractiveness of vapes by Adjusting Appearance and Functionality”.

The document explains that the various existing vape products enable manufacturers to target different consumer groups based on their needs, experience and personal preferences. This also enables manufacturers to continue to make new designs to attract a new generation of users. According to RIVM, the features that make products “attractive” include: “concealment, aesthetics, technical characteristics, convenience and ease of use, modifiability, and nicotine delivery.” RIVM said, “It seems to be common among teenagers and young people in the United States.”

RIVM speculates that people will not smoke vapes that look ugly. RIVM pointed out that these consumer choices that encourage children to use nicotine can be eliminated by stipulating standardized designs.

“There are multiple ways to standardize the design of vape devices, and more research is needed to determine which set of device features can minimize the appeal of vapes to young people. The appeal of tobacco and vape devices can be further reduced by making them dark or printing hygiene warnings.”

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) of the Netherlands said that the standardized vape plan is consistent with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), which “recommends prohibiting attractive and/or promotional features such as color, regulating features that allow users to manipulate products, and limiting the impact of power on nicotine and harmful substances delivery.”

The agency has produced a list of allowed e-liquid ingredients, including known carcinogens, and forced the government to postpone the implementation of a planned flavor ban by one year.

Veehoo vapes recognize that standardized design can reduce the appeal of vapes to teenagers and help protect young people from nicotine addiction. They have taken a series of measures to ensure that their products meet relevant specifications and standards. For example, they focus on a simple and practical appearance in product design and avoid overly eye-catching or attractive features. In addition, Veehoo vapes are also committed to providing low nicotine content options to meet the needs of different consumers.

In addition, Veehoo vape also attaches importance to the safety and compliance of its products. They strictly abide by relevant regulations and standards, cooperate with regulators, and actively pay attention to the dynamics of industry norms. Through user education and health promotion, they help consumers understand the correct use of vapes and provide relevant health information to ensure that users can make wise decisions when using vapes.

In general, Veehoo vape will continue to be committed to product innovation, compliance cooperation and user education to meet consumer needs. Through these efforts, Veehoo vape will establish a responsible and trustworthy image in the market and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of the vape industry. At the same time, the proposal of this standardization scheme will also bring better supervision and regulation to the entire vape industry and protect the health and safety of consumers.

It is worth noting that the proposal of the Dutch Ministry of Health still requires further research and discussion to determine which device features can minimize the appeal of vapes to teenagers. This requires the joint efforts and cooperation of all parties in the industry, including vape manufacturers, regulators and scientific research institutions. Only through extensive cooperation can a more comprehensive and effective standardization scheme be developed.

With the strengthening of global supervision of the vape industry, standardized design has become an important part of protecting consumer rights and health. As a company that actively responds to and supports this plan, Veehoo vape will continue to work for the sustainable development of the industry and the interests of consumers, and strive unremittingly to provide safe and reliable vape products.

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