Recently, the Canadian Ministry of Finance released draft regulations on the excise tax on vape products. According to the draft, vape products will be subject to new tax regulations. The following are the main contents of the draft:

In addition, in order to facilitate the implementation of a coordinated vape tax system, relevant regulations will not apply to vape products under certain circumstances before October 1, 2024.

The release of this draft regulation has attracted the attention of all sectors of society, especially the industries and consumer groups related to vapes. With the popularity of vapes in the Canadian market, the implementation of this regulation will have a profound impact on the vape market and consumers.

For the veehoo vape brand, this means that they need to adjust their market strategies and pricing strategies to adapt to the new tax environment.

There are a few things veehoo can do to address this challenge. First, they can make up for the increased costs for consumers due to new tax regulations by improving the added value and quality of their products. Brands can further strengthen product innovation and research and development, and provide more attractive functions and designs to attract consumers.

Secondly, veehoo can cooperate with relevant Canadian institutions and participate in discussions. As a well-known brand, veehoo can exert its influence to speak out for the vape industry and promote the formation of more reasonable and balanced tax regulations.

In addition, veehoo can also increase public education and strengthen the safety and compliance promotion of vape products. By providing detailed product information, health risk warnings and usage recommendations, veehoo can increase consumer trust in its products and create a positive brand image.

Although Canada’s new vape excise tax regulations have brought certain challenges, it is also a new opportunity for the veehoo vape brand. By adapting to the new tax environment, strengthening product innovation, actively participating in industry discussions, and increasing public education and publicity, Veehoo can remain competitive in the Canadian vape market and continue to provide consumers with high-quality, safe and reliable vapes. Smoking products.

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