According to vaporvoice’s news on August 27, vaporvoice published an article visiting the local vape market in Slovenia, an EU country, and visiting distributors Vape On and VAPEX. The main findings are as follows:

· In Slovenia, disposable vapes are a mainstream product.

· Slovenia charges 18 euro cents (about 1.3 yuan) per milliliter of e-liquid, and a small bottle of 25ml nicotine e-juice will charge an extra 4.5 euros (about 36 yuan); the same tax rate will be levied on zero-nicotine products. In addition to value-added tax, the price of open electronic cigarettes has greatly increased, making disposable electronic cigarettes a more cost-effective product.

· In Slovenia, regulations prohibit the sale of pre-mixed flavors. A 60ml bottle of its own brand of e-liquid is priced at 19 euros (about 150 yuan). However, this e-liquid does not contain nicotine and is not flavored. Users need to purchase nicotine and flavors to make their own flavors.

·In Slovenia, the business forms of “vapor cigarette + coffee shop” and “vapor cigarette + bar” continue to emerge.

·VAPEX stores sell HHC products (legal alternatives to marijuana and THC), mostly gummies or herbs. But HCC cannot openly sell, only when customers offer to buy, the shopkeeper will sell.

The owner of VAPEX introduced Croatia’s vape regulations. Unlike Slovenia, Croatia’s regulations are converging with those of Germany. The owner said that if Germany decides to restrict or regulate flavors, Croatia may follow suit.

Tax policies have had a profound impact on the vape market, increasing the cost of open vapes. In this case, however, Slovenia’s disposable vapes have risen rapidly and become a mainstream choice. As a brand with ten years of experience in vape factories, Veehoo provides disposable vapes of various capacities and specifications, meeting the diverse needs of vape users and allowing them to find the most suitable products for them.

With the popularity of vapes, governments of various countries have begun to take a series of measures to manage and supervise this emerging market. One of them is to impose tax policies on vapes to increase their cost. The move aims to reduce the appeal of vaping, especially for young people and non-smokers. However, driven by the tax policy, the cost of open vapes continues to rise, gradually making it lose some of its market share.

Slovenia, as a small country, has also been affected by tax policies, but unlike other countries, it has rapidly emerged a new option in the vape market: disposable vapes. This type of vape has many advantages, such as portability, ease of use, and low cost. In contrast, open vapes require the purchase and replacement of separate batteries, cleaning and maintenance of the device, which increases the financial burden on users.

As a pioneer in the disposable vape market, Veehoo provides consumers with products of various capacities and specifications to meet various needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, you can find the best disposable vape for you. Veehoo’s disposable products are simple and diverse in design, easy to operate, and require no additional maintenance and cleaning, making them ideal for users who want a convenient and consistent experience.

Another advantage of disposable vapes is their lower cost. Due to the additional burden imposed by tax policies on open vapes, the price of open vapes is relatively high. In contrast, disposable vapes are usually sold at a more affordable price, enabling more consumers to accept and purchase them. This is one of the reasons why disposable vapes in Slovenia have quickly become a mainstream choice.

Slovenia’s disposable vape industry is thriving, despite tax policies that have hit the open vaping market to some extent. As a leading brand in this market, Veehoo meets the needs of consumers by offering a wide range of products at affordable prices. Whether for convenience or economy, disposable vapes have become the first choice of vape users in Slovenia.

In conclusion:

Driven by tax policies, open vapes are facing increasing challenges in terms of cost. In this case, however, Slovenia’s disposable vapes have risen rapidly and become a mainstream choice. Veehoo, as a brand that provides disposable vapes with various capacities and specifications, meets the diverse needs of vape users and enables them to find the most suitable products for them. The convenience, ease of use and low cost of disposable vapes have made them flourish in the Slovenian market and attracted more and more consumers to choose them as their vaping solution. Over time, we can expect disposable vapes to continue to grow their market share in Slovenia and have a positive impact on the entire vaping industry.

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