According to CDT on June 12, the Swiss National Assembly has passed a motion proposed by Christophe Clivaz (Swiss Green Party) calling for a complete ban on the sale of disposable vapes in Switzerland.

The parliamentary bill requires the amendment of the Federal Tobacco and vape Act to ban the sale of disposable products, which does not affect rechargeable vapes.

Clivaz pointed out that “the tobacco prevention community and teacher groups are very worried about these “nicotine bombs.” They attract young people, and disposable vapes entered the Swiss market in 2020 and have become a serious environmental problem. In 2022, about 10 million disposable vapes were imported into Switzerland, and the number continues to rise.

Federal MP Elisabeth Baume-Schneider said that disposable vapes are very popular among Swiss teenagers aged 15 to 19, and about 8% of teenagers use them at least once a month. She added that the health minister had stressed that the Federal Tobacco Products and Electronic Cigarettes Act, which is scheduled to come into force this autumn, will prohibit the sale of these products to minors and will also restrict advertising.

Regarding environmental issues, the MP stressed that the government theoretically already has a legal basis for banning disposable products. However, in this particular case, it is also necessary to check whether this ban is in line with Switzerland’s international commitments.

“For the current issue, this resolution is premature.”

The Swiss National Assembly still voted for the motion with 122 votes in favor, 63 votes against and 4 abstentions. The motion will now be submitted to the Swiss Federal Council for consideration.

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