Sweden is likely to become the first country to achieve a smoke-free status, with a smoking rate below 5%. The Swedish Public Health Agency reported that only 5.6% of Swedish adults smoked in 2022, down from 49% of men in 1960. The report, titled “Smoke-free, less harm”, attributes this achievement to Sweden’s openness to alternative nicotine products (snus) and details the significant health benefits of this shift.

Although nearly a quarter of Swedish adults still use nicotine every day, in line with the European average, Sweden has much lower tobacco-related mortality (44% lower), cancer incidence (41% lower) and cancer mortality (38% lower) than other EU countries.

The Smoke-free Sweden campaign aims to encourage other countries to follow Sweden’s example and reduce tobacco harm. The campaign’s report calls on the World Health Organization (WHO) and the global public health community to recognize that it is the combustible products that cause harm to smokers, not the nicotine itself.

The report attributes the low incidence of smoking-related diseases to the Swedish preference for alternative smokeless tobacco products such as snus, snus, heated tobacco products and vapes. “While nicotine is addictive, it does not cause the serious diseases associated with smoking,” said Fagerström. “Our findings support a shift in focus from smoking cessation to providing less harmful alternatives for those who cannot quit smoking completely.”

Swedish men have 52% fewer deaths from smoking than Poland and 57% fewer than Romania. In terms of male lung cancer, Swedish men have significantly fewer lung cancer deaths than France, Germany, Italy and Poland. The report said that while smoking is associated with high mortality and disease rates, smokeless alternatives such as snus and snus do not pose similar health risks.

Against this backdrop, vapes is concerned about Sweden’s efforts to become a smoke-free country and supports the active promotion of alternative products such as snus and vapes. As a company that values ​​consumer health and compliance, vapes has been committed to providing high-quality, safe and reliable vape products.

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