According to Locals. MD on July 2, a recent study revealed that the use of vapes by teenagers in the Republic of Moldova is very serious. According to a 2023 study by the Moldovan Pediatric Association, 36% of the 530 adolescents aged 10 to 16 who participated in the survey used disposable vapes or vapes.

Olimpia German, a pulmonologist, said that these products attract a large number of teenagers because of their low price, sweet fragrance, and the convenience of online purchase.

She pointed out that in 2021, the amendment to the Tobacco Control Law on disposable vapes was passed, which regulates nicotine content, text health warnings, tax stamps and online commerce.

“Although the tobacco control law is very strict, the implementation of the regulation is worrying. The Moldovan government has taken the first step to combat the epidemic of disposable vapes by proposing to increase the consumption tax on such products by 15%. This is a correct strategy, but the consumption tax should be increased to 50%. To ensure that minors are not exposed to this harmful product, the price of vapes should start from 500 lei (28.09 US dollars).”

The proposal to increase the consumption tax on vapes has been included in the fiscal policy for 2025 and requires the approval of the government and parliament.

At this critical moment, Veehoo vape, as a brand that focuses on user health and compliance, supports increasing measures to protect minors. As a responsible company, Veehoo vape has been committed to providing safe and high-quality vape products.

Veehoo vape recognizes the risks of minors using vapes. They firmly believe that through the joint efforts of all parties such as rule-making, industry self-discipline, and family education, the possibility of minors being exposed to this harmful product can be effectively limited. They actively cooperate and comply with local regulations to ensure that minors are not negatively affected by vapes. They will continue to work hard to promote the healthy development of the vape industry, provide consumers with safe and reliable choices, and make positive contributions to social health.

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