Recently, according to a study published in the journal Joule, scientists from University College London (UCL) and the University of Oxford, with support from the Faraday Institute, conducted a study on lithium-ion batteries in disposable vapes . Surprisingly, this study shows that these batteries have the potential to operate at high capacity for hundreds of cycles. However, at the same time, we have seen a large number of vapes being discarded randomly, resulting in a waste of batteries. However, as a replaceable open cartridge vape, veehoo S8’s innovative design not only effectively saves battery waste, but also sets an example for sustainable energy use.


Research on the high cycle capacity of lithium-ion batteries in disposable vapes

Lithium-ion batteries used in disposable vapes have been found to have the potential for high cycle capacity, according to research by scientists at University College London and the University of Oxford. The emergence of this research result brings us an important revelation, that is, these batteries do not have to be discarded after a single use. By using low charge and discharge rates, these batteries can have a potential cycle time of over 700 cycles and still retain over 90% of their capacity. This discovery provides a huge development opportunity for the vape industry, and also reminds us that we should pay more attention to battery recycling.

Study shows disposable vape batteries can be recharged

Veehoo S8’s eco-friendly design and refill function

In the vape market, veehoo S8, as a replaceable open cartridge vape, leads the trend of green environmental protection. Different from traditional disposable vapes, veehoo S8 adopts a refillable design. Users can replace the cartridges as needed, effectively reducing the waste of vapes. Each cartridge has a capacity of 2ml and can be refilled 6 times, which means users can use it for a long time after one purchase, greatly reducing cartridge consumption and battery waste.

Sustainable energy use and environmental benefits of Veehoo S8

By adopting a refillable design, veehoo S8 significantly reduces the amount of waste generated by vapes and reduces the negative impact on the environment. Compared with disposable vapes, the sustainable energy utilization of veehoo S8 is better able to meet today’s society’s pursuit of environmental protection. Users only need to purchase independent cigarette cartridges instead of frequently replacing the entire vape device, which effectively reduces resource consumption and the generation of electronic waste. The eco-friendly features and sustainable energy utilization of veehoo S8 provide users with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly choice and set an example for the industry.

Study shows disposable vape batteries can be recharged

The importance of enhancing public awareness of environmental protection

Although the design and concept of veehoo S8 have achieved significant results in environmental protection, to achieve the goal of sustainable energy use, we need to enhance the public’s environmental awareness more broadly. The problem of vapes being randomly discarded as mentioned in media reports still exists, leading to battery waste and environmental pollution. Therefore, in addition to the efforts of manufacturers, consumers should also take responsibility for properly handling and recycling discarded vape devices and batteries to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

At the same time, the government and relevant agencies should also strengthen supervision and legislation and formulate more stringent vape recycling and disposal policies. By establishing recycling sites and promoting recycling systems for vape equipment and batteries, the amount of waste can be further reduced and the use of sustainable energy promoted.

Study shows disposable vape batteries can be recharged

In conclusion:

Veehoo S8, as a replaceable open cartridge vape, has set an example for the vape industry with its environmentally friendly and sustainable energy use design. Compared with disposable vapes, veehoo S8’s refilling function and long cycle capacity lithium-ion battery effectively reduce battery waste. However, to achieve truly sustainable energy utilization requires the joint efforts of the entire society. Manufacturers, consumers and governments should all actively participate in strengthening environmental awareness and promoting the recovery and recycling of vape equipment and batteries to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Only through joint efforts can we create a better environment for the next generation.

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