According to N.News on June 28, the Public Design Research Center of Hongik University in South Korea released a design manual for the new “separated smoking room” to respond to public complaints about secondhand smoking to enhance its social benefits.

The Public Design Research Center of Hongik University recently announced that they have completed the development of the “separated smoking room” as a social conflict resolution design project.

Since the trend of society turning to “no smoking as the standard” in 2012, conflicts between smokers and non-smokers have frequently occurred on the streets of many major urban areas. Although those who smoke in non-smoking areas are excluded, various problems caused by smoking in non-smoking areas, including secondhand smoke in public places and even shared residences, often cause conflicts.

These conflicts sometimes even escalate into violent incidents, putting pressure on local governments to deal with smoking-related complaints.

According to Lee Hyun-seong of the Public Design Research Center of Hongik University, the focus of this newly released public design manual for smoking rooms is to strengthen the public nature of existing and disorderly smoking rooms in public places.

The biggest difference between this newly designed smoking room and the existing smoking room is that they divide the smoking area into areas for ordinary cigarettes and vapes. This is done to improve the effectiveness of the smoking room. Because with the diversity of smoking methods, many people who use vapes are reluctant to use smoking rooms due to the smell of smoke.

In addition, starting from November 2022, the Seongdong District Government in South Korea adopted the “smart smoking room” for the first time, and plans to apply this partitioned smoking room form to future expansion installation plans.

This innovative design is in line with the concept of Veehoo vapes. The two are committed to solving the problem of public smoking and protecting the rights of non-smokers.

Veehoo vapes supports the launch of this innovative design. As an vape brand that focuses on public health and personal choice, Veehoo vapes has been committed to providing safe and reliable vape products to help smokers transition to safer alternatives. They recognize that the public design of smoking rooms is crucial to improving the smoking environment and reducing the impact of secondhand smoke on non-smokers.

It is understood that the Chengdong District Government in South Korea has introduced the “smart smoking room” for the first time in November 2022, and plans to apply this form of partitioned smoking rooms to future expansion installation plans. Veehoo vape hopes to contribute to innovative solutions to public smoking problems through cooperation with relevant institutions and stakeholders. They promise to continue to continuously improve product quality and user experience to provide smokers with more choices and safer alternatives.

Through innovative design and collaborative efforts, we can seek to balance the interests of smokers and non-smokers, protect public health and the right to personal choice. Veehoo vape looks forward to witnessing the implementation of more such innovative solutions in the future to create a more harmonious smoking environment for society.

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