In a recent study published in Chest, researchers found a link between social media platform use and the combustible risk of smoking and vaping among teens.

The study is based on a survey of nearly 11,000 young people in the UK aged 10 to 25, tracked from 2015 to 2021.

Overall, 8.5% said they currently smoked cigarettes, 2.5% said they vaped, and about 1% did both.

Studies have found that the amount of time they spend on TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms correlates well with their odds of smoking or vaping.

Only 2% reported not using social media, but this rose to 17% among those who said they smoked on social media for more than seven hours a day.

Likewise, less than 1% of those who avoided social media used vapes, compared with 2.5% of those who used them for seven hours or more a day.

Graham Wheeler, honorary senior lecturer in the Imperial Clinical Trials Unit at Imperial College London and director of statistical innovation at GlaxoSmithKline’s Professional and Primary Care Statistics, said the results of this large study were in line with other studies linking social media use to smoking. Results from studies on habit associations are similar.

“However, the researchers did not record which social media platforms were used, nor how users interacted with friends on those platforms. For example, are TikTok or Instagram users more connected than Whatsapp? HealthDay quoted Wheeler words.

“Social media use is self-reported and therefore may not be an accurate record of actual use.

“The researchers also assessed how social media use interacted with variables such as age, household income, and gender to be associated with cigarette and vape use. However, they did not report interactions of social media use with parental use of cigarettes and vapes, This is one of the variables most strongly associated with children’s smoking habits. We do not know whether this trend toward increased odds of being a smoker with social media use changes when comparing children of smoking parents with children of nonsmoking parents. .

“This survey reports responses given at a single point in time, rather than following non-smokers over time to see if their likelihood of smoking or vaping is associated with increasing levels of social media use.

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Association between social media use and smoking/vaping

Research has found a link between the amount of time teens spend on TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms and their odds of smoking or vaping. The findings showed that 17% of those who spent more than seven hours a day on social media were smokers, while 2.5% of those who avoided social media were vapers. This finding is similar to other related research, highlighting the connection between social media use and adolescent smoking behavior.

Promote a healthy online environment

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Pay attention to family environment and education

In addition to advocating a healthy online environment, veehoo vapes encourage families and schools to work together to strengthen education and guidance for teenagers. Parents and educators can play a key role in helping youth properly understand the risks of vapes and provide positive behavioral alternatives and recreational options to reduce the risks of smoking and vaping.

In conclusion:

There is a link between social media use and teen smoking and vaping. As a brand that has been working in the vape industry for ten years, Veehoo vape advocates a healthy online environment and rational use of vapes, and is committed to protecting young people from the adverse effects of vapes. In addition to strengthening self-discipline in product design and sales, veehoo vapes and partners focus on social responsibility activities and strengthen health education for teenagers. At the same time, parents and educators also play an important role in providing the right guidance and education. By working together, we can create a healthy and safe online environment for teenagers, reduce the risks of smoking and vaping, and protect their physical and mental health.

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