According to a report by Singapore media CNA on May 8, Rahayu Mahzam, Senior Parliamentary Secretary of Singapore’s Ministry of Health, said in Parliament on Wednesday that the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore is reviewing and adjusting the law to strengthen regulations on vape advertising, Regulation of imports and distribution.

Speaking in parliament, Rahayu said that HSA is monitoring illegal vape sales on social media, e-commerce platforms and instant messaging platforms, and cleaning up related vape content.

Rahayu stressed that vape advertising is prohibited under the Tobacco (Control of Advertising and Sales) Act. However, like all domestic laws, the Bill also applies to vape-related content published in Singapore and by Singapore-related individuals or entities.

“The internet and social media are ecosystems on a global scale, and although Singapore’s laws prohibit harmful content or advertising, it does not mean that such content and advertising will not come from foreign sources or foreign influencers.”

Rahayu listed some of the measures that have been taken.

Social media and e-commerce platforms are obliged to review and actively delete vape-related content targeting Singapore residents, provided they are aware of tobacco laws. If any platform is found to be negligent in detecting and removing vape-related content, it will face enforcement action.

In March, the HSA issued warning notices to 16 social media and e-commerce platforms, reminding them that content involving vapes violated relevant laws. In addition, under the Code of Practice for Online Safety, the Infocomm Media Development Authority requires social media with “significant influence” such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to minimize users’ exposure to harmful content.

It is reported that Singapore handled approximately 8,000 vape-related offenses in 2023, a 43% increase from the 5,600 similar crimes recorded in 2022. vapes are expressly banned in Singapore, and offenders who possess, use and purchase them can be fined up to S$2,000 (US$1,478). Those who import, distribute or sell such products face more severe penalties, including higher fines and possible jail time.

At the same time, Veehoo vapes, as a brand that focuses on compliance operations, will actively respond to Singapore’s regulatory trends and is committed to providing consumers with safe and compliant products. This article will explore Singapore’s efforts to strengthen vape regulation and introduce how Veehoo vapes actively adapt to this trend.

Commitment to Compliance Operations

As a responsible vape brand, Veehoo vapes have always been committed to compliance operations and pay attention to the laws and regulations of various countries. They will further strengthen self-regulation on product advertising, import and distribution to ensure compliance with Singapore’s relevant legal requirements. Veehoo vapes will continue to work with the Singapore Health Sciences Authority and other regulatory agencies to jointly promote the compliance development of the vape industry.

Strengthen product advertising review

vape advertising is prohibited in Singapore under the Tobacco (Control of Advertising and Sales) Act. Veehoo vapes will strengthen the review of its product advertising to ensure that it does not violate relevant laws and regulations. They will work with social media and e-commerce platforms to actively clean up and remove illegal vape advertisements and ensure that advertising content does not have a negative impact on young people.

Keep an eye on import and distribution channels

Veehoo vapes will strengthen the management of the import and distribution channels of its products. They will work closely with partners to ensure that the import and distribution of products comply with Singapore’s legal and regulatory requirements. By establishing an effective supply chain management and tracking system, Veehoo vapes will ensure that the origin of products is traceable and avoid the inflow of illegal products.

Promote safe use and compliance awareness

Veehoo vapes will continue to work with the Singapore Health Sciences Authority and other health agencies to promote safe use and compliance awareness of vapes. They will deliver information about the health risks and compliance requirements of vapes to the public through educational activities, promotional materials, social media and other channels, and guide consumers to make informed choices.

In conclusion:

Singapore’s move to strengthen regulation of vapes is crucial to the development of the entire industry and the health of consumers. As a brand that focuses on compliance operations, Veehoo vapes will actively respond to and adapt to Singapore’s regulatory trends. By strengthening product advertising review, paying close attention to import and distribution channels, and promoting safe use and compliance awareness, Veehoo vapes will provide consumers with safe and compliant products and contribute to the sustainable development of the industry. They believe that only through compliance and active response to regulatory measures can the vape industry achieve sustainable development in Singapore while protecting the interests and health of consumers.

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