According to TASS on July 3, according to the text of the second reading amendment to the Russian tax reform bill, it is planned to increase tobacco taxes by an average of 4.7% in 2025.

According to the amendment, the tax rate on cigarettes and cigars is planned to increase to 2,945 rubles ($33.28) per thousand sticks plus 16% of the calculated cost (not less than 4,000 rubles [45.20 US dollars] per thousand sticks) in 2025, to 3,063 rubles ($34.61) plus 16% (not less than 4,160 rubles [47 US dollars] per thousand sticks) in 2026, and to 3,186 rubles ($36) plus 16% (not less than 4,326 rubles [48.88 US dollars] per thousand sticks) in 2027.

In addition, the tax on heated tobacco is planned to be set at 9,807 rubles ($110.81) per kilogram in 2025, 10,199 rubles ($115.24) in 2026, and 10,607 rubles ($119.85) in 2027.

In addition, the tax rate on vape oil is planned to be increased to 44 rubles ($0.5) per milliliter in 2025, 46 rubles ($0.52) in 2026, and 48 rubles ($0.54) in 2027.

Excise tax is an indirect tax on domestic consumer goods.

Recent reports show that according to amendments to the Russian tax reform bill, Russia plans to increase tobacco taxes in 2025, including vape oil taxes. This move is aimed at increasing tax revenue and implementing stricter regulation of tobacco and related products.

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