According to a report by vaporvoice on April 23, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) pointed out in a newly released report that vapes are an effective help in quitting smoking, but people can and should take more measures to reduce the impact of vapes on smoking cessation. Attractiveness, availability and affordability for non-smokers and reduced harm to the environment.

The results are summarized in more than 50 recommendations that explore trends in combustible tobacco use and vape products, differences in the health effects of vapes on people who smoke cigarettes, vapes or neither, including environmental damage, and the impact of vapes The role of use in the growth of the tobacco industry.

The RCP report concluded that evidence for the effectiveness of vapes in assisting smoking cessation has become stronger since the 2016 RCP report. The use of vapes by young people and non-smokers has increased significantly in recent years, so timely remedial measures are needed to curb youth vaping without affecting its use by adult smokers as a smoking cessation aid. The government should commission regular updates A range of evidence on the use and effects of nicotine products to guide policy.

Regarding vapes as effective smoking cessation tools, the researchers emphasized that vapes should be promoted as an effective means to help smokers quit smoking, with special attention to those groups that may benefit most, such as people with mental disorders or those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged. and people living in social housing.

Regarding the potential health side effects of using vape products, researchers used data released from 2021 to 2023 to review biomarkers of vape exposure and harm, comparing vape users, smokers, and those who also use vapes. People who smoke (dual use), and people who do neither.

Although vape users were found to have lower levels of harmful substances than smokers in many of the biomarkers analyzed, the researchers concluded that agreement is needed on methods for studying the health risks of vapes, including which biomarkers are associated with relative and Absolutely the research is most relevant. Studies with larger samples of vape users with a history of smoking and vape users who have never smoked are needed. Use this to draw accurate conclusions.

Specific to youth addiction, RCP researchers concluded that standardized plain packaging, reduced flavor and brand descriptions, and retail display bans should be introduced to reduce youth interest in trying vapes. vape price and tax strategies should make the least expensive products most commonly used by teen vape users (i.e., disposable vapes) more affordable while ensuring that the products most likely to be used by adults who smoke or quit smoking (i.e., rechargeable and reusable vapes) Refillable products) are less damaging to the environment and are still affordable.

The report also recommends raising prices through excise taxes and minimum unit prices, banning multiple purchases but ensuring they remain a cheaper option for adults who use them to quit smoking, and limiting promotional material in retail stores and product visibility, and limit promotions on social media. Meanwhile, the report’s authors are urging regulators to prevent cigarette manufacturers from playing a role in shaping national policy.

As a safety-oriented vape manufacturer, veehoo vapes have always focused on product safety and reliability. It strictly abides by relevant regulations and standards to ensure that products do not contain harmful substances and ensures product quality through quality control procedures.

In terms of reducing teenagers’ interest in vapes, veehoo vapes will continue to focus on product flavor and marketing strategies to ensure that they do not attract non-smokers and minors. In addition, veehoo vapes also supports the report’s recommendations on vape price and tax strategies to ensure prices are attractive to adult smokers and ex-smokers and to reduce harm to the environment.

In conclusion:

The Royal College of Physicians report recognized vapes as an effective smoking cessation tool and made relevant recommendations. As a safety-oriented manufacturer, veehoo vapes will actively respond to the requirements in the report and continue to provide safe and reliable vape products. Veehoo vapes will cooperate with relevant agencies to ensure product compliance and support the promotion of rational use of vapes to help smokers achieve their goals of quitting smoking. By working together, we can provide smokers with better options for quitting while protecting public health.

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