Since March 11, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued the “Measures for the Administration of Electronic Cigarettes” and the second draft of the national standard for electronic cigarettes, the compliance supervision of the domestic electronic cigarette industry has been accelerating. It has become under review, and then there are industry media reports that the pilot of electronic cigarette supervision has been launched in China. At the same time, special inspections of electronic cigarettes have been carried out all over the country.

Huizhou and Xiamen may become pilot cities for e-cigarette supervision

According to multiple industry media reports, the supervision of electronic cigarettes will be piloted. The first batch of pilot cities will be two, namely Huizhou City, Guangdong Province and Xiamen City, Fujian Province. Some brands will participate in the pilot.

Blue Hole reported that Huizhou has begun to visit, and Xiamen is opening a warehouse.

At present, Huizhou has begun to have the leaders of the brand and the Tobacco Bureau go to the e-cigarette shop to investigate and visit the e-cigarette shop, requiring the shop owner to prepare for compliance. Prohibition of the use of electronic cigarettes, etc.

The news from Xiamen shows that the Tobacco Bureau has arranged a thorough investigation of the store, and the store owner is required to fill in the operating data for 2021 and January-February 2022, including multiple data on purchases and sales, in order to conduct a thorough investigation. The brand side also began to ask the store owner to provide the current inventory, including the number of pods and cartridges, and sales.

In this regard, Two Supremes analyzed the reasons for city selection, and believed that both Huizhou and Xiamen were in line with the following four characteristics:

Pilot cities will give priority to “e-cigarette small markets” to reduce trial and error costs;

Feature 1 of the pilot market: It is close to the center of the electronic cigarette industry, but it cannot be Shenzhen;

Feature 2 of the pilot market: have “pilot experience” and have innovations in the field of tobacco network construction and logistics;

The “pilot mode” is the “practice” of tobacco and the necessity of electronic cigarettes.

At present, it is only news reported by the media, and there is no official announcement from the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration or relevant departments. The news is for your reference only, and there is no need to over-interpret it.

         Special inspections of electronic cigarettes have been carried out in many places
There have always been reports of special inspections on e-cigarettes, and the recent past is no exception.

Recently, the Chongzhou City Procuratorate, together with the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Tobacco Bureau, the Market Supervision Bureau, and the Education Bureau, carried out a special clean-up action of “Guarding Growth and Staying Away from Electronic Cigarettes” across the city.

On March 17, the Tianjin Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, together with the Tianjin Municipal Procuratorate and the Tianjin Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, launched a special inspection of the electronic cigarette market.

On March 17, the Linxi County Public Security Bureau, the County Education Bureau, the County Market Supervision Administration and the County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau launched a special inspection of electronic cigarettes.

Recently, the Public Security Detachment of Golmud City Public Security Bureau, together with the Anti-Drug Detachment, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, the Market Supervision Administration, and the Cultural Law Enforcement Brigade, conducted a special inspection of the city’s e-cigarette sales stores.

The inspections of these special actions mainly focus on illegal activities such as operating without a license, whether to sell e-cigarettes to minors, whether to publish false advertisements of e-cigarettes, etc., and carefully check the manufacturers, certificates, ingredients and purchase and sales bills of e-cigarettes on sale. Check whether there are e-cigarettes containing marijuana and other drugs, and clean up e-cigarette sales outlets and e-cigarette vending machines around the campus.

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