Some friends who are new to vapes will inevitably run into walls. If you smoke vapes like cigarettes, it is not acceptable, and it is often easy to cause problems such as sore throat or lung injury. vapes are different from traditional cigarettes, and you need to pay attention to some matters when using them to ensure safety and good use effects.

Precautions and Popular Science

1. Do not block the small hole next to the tobacco rod when smoking, otherwise it will easily lead to excessive suction resistance;

2. Do not connect the cigarette stick directly to the wall socket or the car cigarette lighter socket, so as not to cause a short circuit of the battery;

3. Do not charge the pod under high temperature conditions. When charging, remove the pod and recharge it, otherwise it is easy to leak oil due to high temperature;

4. The indicator light will be on when charging, and will be off when fully charged. It is recommended to cut off the power immediately after it is fully charged, otherwise it will easily affect the service life;

5. When smoking continuously, if you find that the pipe is hot, wait for it to cool down before continuing to smoke, otherwise there will be oil leakage;

6. If you can’t smoke so many pods within 3 days, try to open them as little as possible, and put them aside after opening = oil leakage + oxygen + odor;

7. If you don’t use the smoking set for more than 2 days, please separate the atomizing core and the cigarette rod in time, seal the head and tail ends of the atomizing core with matching silicone parts, store it upside down (with the suction port facing down), and store the atomizing core at room temperature 5-25 the best degree;

8. For atomizing cores stored for a long time, it is necessary to stand the atomizing core upright for a few minutes when taking it out for use, so that the e-liquid and the atomizing core can fully fuse to avoid burning the core.