According to Telepolis on June 17, according to the announcement of the Polish Ministry of Health, vapes (the original text should refer to “disposable vapes”, the same below) will be banned from sale, but this policy will not be implemented until 2025. The relevant laws are currently being drafted, but the progress has been delayed due to necessary consultations.

At a press conference on Monday (17th), Polish Minister of Health Izabela Leszczyna said that a bill banning vapes is being drafted, but it must wait until early 2025 to take effect. The bill was originally planned to be implemented at the beginning of the summer vacation, but the work on the bill was extended due to the need to implement EU directives. These directives include defining heated tobacco products and prohibiting the use of specific flavoring agents in new heated tobacco products.

“I really hope that this bill will come into force before the summer vacation. But it turns out that this bill must go through a notification procedure. We don’t know how long this procedure will take, so the actual entry into force of the bill may be postponed until the beginning of next year.”

Currently, there are three bills on the minister’s desk, one of which is implementing the EU directive and has entered the consultation stage, and the other two are bills that stipulate sales rules. The minister mentioned that one of these two projects will enter the consultation stage by the end of this weekend.

Leskina warned in May that achieving a ban through legal means is a legislative process that requires EU approval and lasts for several months, and Poland cannot implement a ban immediately, as in the UK.

The results of a survey called “Smoking and Use of vapes by School Teenagers” conducted by the Szczecin branch of the Lung Cancer Prevention Association in December 2023 and January 2024 showed that 6 out of 10 primary and secondary school students smoke or use nicotine-containing products every day or occasionally.

“The surveys we collected show that vapes have permanently replaced traditional cigarettes in Polish schools. Increasingly, these are disposable vapes with sweet or fruity flavors that smell nice and taste good. Seven out of ten students who use vapes believe that taste and smell are the two main reasons why vapes are popular.”

Although Poland has long restricted the sale of tobacco products to minors, this has not brought the expected results, and this upcoming vape ban may improve this situation.

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Despite the postponement of the ban, there are already three bills on the table of the Polish Minister of Health, one of which is in the consultation stage and the other two are bills on sales rules. Minister Leschinna mentioned that one of the projects will enter the consultation stage after the end of this weekend. This shows that the Polish government attaches great importance to controlling the sale and use of vapes and is taking positive actions.

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Although Poland has imposed restrictions on the sale of tobacco products to minors, the effect is not ideal. The upcoming vape ban is expected to improve this situation and reduce the smoking and use of vapes by minors. As a brand that actively responds to regulations, Veehoo vapes will continue to pay attention to the development of Polish vape regulations and strive to promote the healthy growth of minors and the anti-smoking process in society.

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