The Independent quoted a survey by the Local Data Company (LDC) as saying that the number of vape shops in the UK increased significantly last year.

There are currently 3,573 vape stores in the country, an increase of 233 from the beginning of 2023. In comparison, 61 stores will be added in 2022 and 23 stores will be reduced in 2020.

LCD’s data excludes a large number of convenience stores, post offices and newsagents, which also sell vapes and related products.

According to data released by NIQ and trade The Grocer, sales of vape products increased by 897.4 million pounds ($1.14 billion) in 2023.

The fastest growing vape brand in the UK is Lost Mary, with sales increasing by £310m in 2022.

The traditional tobacco product market will shrink in 2023. Sales of cigarettes and loose tobacco fell by £849.1 million and £393.1 million respectively.

In an effort to combat youth vaping, the government recently announced a consultation on how to protect children while encouraging adults to use vapes to quit smoking.

Its recommendations include limiting flavors and product descriptions that may appeal to underage consumers and regulating how products are displayed in stores.

Jonne Dunne, director general of the U.K. Vaping Industry Association, said the increase in the number of specialist vape shops reflected the growing demand from smokers who want to quit smoking.

He added: “vapes have proven to be the most effective way for smokers to quit smoking.” vapes help approximately 50,000 more smokers quit smoking every year.

Recent data shows that the number of vape shops in the UK will increase significantly in 2023, which has attracted widespread attention. In this rapidly growing market, veehoo vapes have become the leader with its excellent products and innovative concepts, contributing to the prosperity of the vape market.

According to the latest statistics, the UK vape market experienced growth in 2023. The significant increase in the number of new vape stores opening illustrates continued consumer interest and demand for vapes.

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