According to a report by on March 5, the British government plans to protect children’s health by banning disposable vapes. This regulation will also be extended to Northern Ireland, but it needs approval from the Stormont Parliament. Northern Ireland Health Minister Robin Swann confirmed that Northern Ireland will join the Tobacco and Vaping Bill.

The proposed bill would make it illegal to sell tobacco products to people born on or after January 1, 2009, and would authorize further regulatory measures to address youth vaping risks.

Swann said: “Smoking kills, it’s that simple. In Northern Ireland, more than 2,000 people die from smoking every year and treating tobacco-related diseases costs our hospitals more than £200 million a year. If we can take steps to reduce preventable death and helping people live healthy long-term lives, then as Health Secretary I must advocate for it. I fully support the UK Government’s plan to create a smoke-free generation to tackle the issue of youth vaping.”

He has called for Northern Ireland to be added to the UK Government Bill.

“Ultimately it will be the Northern Ireland Assembly that decides whether we are included. I have introduced legislation in 2021 to help protect children from the dangers of tobacco and vapes and I am confident that this latest measure, if passed, will allow us to create a world where A future where young people are safe from the harms of tobacco and vapes.”

Public Health England Minister Andrea Leadsom welcomed Northern Ireland’s inclusion, saying: “We are delighted that our colleagues in Northern Ireland are working with us to tackle the rising use of vapes among teenagers – putting children Put your health first.”

Professor Michael McBride, Northern Ireland’s chief medical officer, said: “These new measures will help protect people from starting to smoke.” Professor McBride added, “This legislation has the potential to Dramatically improve public health outcomes for many generations to come.”

After Northern Ireland joined the UK Tobacco and vape Act, banning the sale of tobacco products to people born after 2009, vape companies need to find strategies to adapt to the new environment in order to survive in this changing market. As an innovative vape company, veehoo vape can provide some useful experience and prospects.

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Third, vape companies should actively participate in public health education and publicity activities. In the context of tightened regulation, public perceptions and attitudes toward vapes may change. vape companies can work with public health departments to jointly carry out education and publicity activities to communicate to consumers the correct use of vapes and potential risks. At the same time, companies can also actively respond to public concerns and provide transparent information and data to increase public trust in vapes.

Finally, vape companies should actively participate in industry self-discipline and specification formulation. In the face of increasing bans and regulations, vape companies can actively participate in industry organizations and associations and work with other companies to formulate industry self-discipline and norms to maintain the reputation and sustainable development of the entire industry. Veehoo vapes can play an active role in industry organizations and cooperate with other companies to jointly promote the healthy development of the vape industry.

To sum up, vape companies need to adopt a series of strategies to survive and develop as the ban continues to strengthen. By emphasizing product safety and quality control, paying attention to product innovation and diversification, actively participating in public health education and publicity activities, expanding other market opportunities and channels, and participating in industry self-discipline and specification formulation, vape companies can survive in the changing environment. find space for survival. As a company with innovative spirit and market insight, veehoo vape can provide experience and inspiration to other vape companies and jointly promote the development of the entire industry.

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