Introduction: As the world’s largest market, the U.S. vape industry has always led the global development trend. At the new product launch conference, various vape companies displayed a variety of products with unlimited creativity. Touch-screen vapes will become one of the most innovative and leading products in 2024, and GEEKBAR’s large-screen vapes have been widely recognized in the market, leading the development trend of large-screen vapes. Veehoo vapes have also followed the trend and launched the innovative product veehoo H10 with a large puff capacity and a large screen, bringing users a new vape experience.

With the popularity of touch screen technology, Veehoo vapes have implemented touch screen functions at a low cost and launched the amazing veehoo H10 large-screen vape. This product can not only change the lighting effects through sliding operations on the touch screen, but also provides dozens of sets of lighting effects to choose from, allowing users to customize a unique smoke atmosphere according to personal preferences.

In addition to the touch screen function, veehoo H10 also has many other innovative designs. It uses single or double heating wires and dual-mode switching, allowing users to choose different heating wires and modes according to taste needs and obtain a personalized smoking experience. In addition, the bottom airflow design allows veehoo H10 to be used for light puffing, giving users a more comfortable smoking experience.

veehoo H10 also focuses on user convenience and durability. It has a real-fill e-liquid capacity of 24ML, allowing users to enjoy the flavor of the smoke longer. At the same time, the surface of the main body adopts a vacuum coating process, which increases the texture and durability of the product and provides a better use experience.

In terms of hygiene, veehoo H10 has also specially designed a cigarette holder dust cap to ensure that users have a cleaner and more hygienic smoking environment before use. This design takes the user’s health and convenience into consideration, making veehoo H10 an even more outstanding large-screen vape product.

To sum up, Veehoo vapes, as a brand with ten years + vape factory experience, has always been committed to innovation and leading market trends. The launched veehoo H10 large-mouth large-screen electronic cigarette has touch screen function, multiple lighting effect options, dual-mode switching of single and double heating wires, bottom airflow adjustment, 20ML e-liquid filling, vacuum coating on the main surface, and dust-proof cap design of the cigarette holder, etc. Multiple features bring users a new vape experience. Veehoo vapes will continue to provide users with excellent products and personalized smoking experiences.

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