New New Zealand vape regulations: detachable batteries become a must-have device, Veehoo vape V7 caters to the trend of environmental protection

Introduction: New Zealand will implement new regulations regarding vapes starting from September 21. The regulations stipulate that all vape devices sold in the country must be equipped with removable batteries. The aim is to protect children and young people’s health and restrict the establishment of new dedicated vape stores within a 300-meter radius of schools. Veehoo’s V7 vape, featuring removable and replaceable batteries, offers a more environmentally friendly vaping option that aligns with New Zealand’s new vape regulations.

As the popularity and use of vapes continue to rise, an increasing number of countries and regions are introducing regulations to ensure public health and safety. As part of efforts to further regulate the vape market, New Zealand’s new regulations, effective from September 21, require all vape devices sold in the country to be equipped with removable batteries.

This requirement aims to encourage consumers to use more environmentally friendly and sustainable vape devices. Traditional vape devices often use disposable batteries, resulting in a significant amount of battery waste that has an impact on the environment. The use of removable batteries reduces waste generation and provides users with the convenience of battery replacement and charging.

In addition to the battery requirement, the new regulations in New Zealand emphasize keeping vapes as far away as possible from children and young people. To achieve this goal, the regulations prohibit the opening of new dedicated vape stores within a 300-meter radius of schools. This measure aims to reduce underage exposure to vapes and protect their health and well-being.

Against this backdrop, Veehoo, an vape company, has launched an innovative product that complies with the new regulations—the V7 vape series. The V7 series features a design with removable and replaceable batteries, providing users with a more environmentally friendly and convenient option. Users can replace batteries according to their needs, avoiding the significant waste associated with disposable batteries. Furthermore, the V7 vape undergoes strict quality control and safety certification to ensure users’ safe consumption.

Veehoo vapes expressed their commitment to promoting the sustainable development of the vape industry and actively responding to New Zealand’s vape regulations. By offering vape products that meet environmental requirements, they hope to make a contribution to society and the environment.

Conclusion: New Zealand’s new regulations on vapes will be effective starting from September 21, requiring all vape devices to come with removable batteries. This requirement aims to protect the health of children and young people while reducing adverse impacts on the environment. Veehoo’s V7 vape series meets the requirements of the new regulations, providing a more environmentally friendly and convenient choice for consumers, thus enhancing their vaping experience. This initiative showcases New Zealand’s commitment to regulating the vape industry and encourages more companies to develop towards environmentally friendly and sustainable directions.

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