According to Cspdaily News on June 4, the New York State Senate passed a bill that would ban the sale of vape products that resemble school supplies, children’s toys, or vape products with packaging and advertising targeted at children.

Senate Bill S7882 was sponsored by state Senator Monica Martinez. If the bill is enacted, violators will face a first-time violation penalty of up to $1,500 and a penalty of up to $2,500 for each violation.

Under the bill, businesses selling tobacco and related products will be prohibited from offering items that may include images, logos, symbols, slogans, sales information or colors that are attractive to minors, as well as logos representing animation, movies, video game characters, toys, electronic devices and school supplies, including markers, highlighters, ballpoint pens and USB drives.

The bipartisan legislation, co-sponsored by nine state Senate members, still needs to be approved by the Legislative Committee and signed by the governor before it can take effect. A companion version of the proposal, proposed by legislator Charles Fall, is also on the committee’s agenda.

As a company with ten years of experience in the vape industry, Veehoo vape Company has been committed to ensuring the safety and legality of its products. The company actively cooperates with local regulations, especially those aimed at protecting minors, to ensure that vape products are not sold and advertised to children and teenagers.

Veehoo vape Company believes that it is the common responsibility of the industry to protect minors from the negative impact of vape products. By restricting the sale of vape products targeted at children and packaging and advertising with similar school supplies and children’s toys, the risk of minors contacting and using these products can be reduced.

Veehoo vape Company will continue to work with relevant agencies to ensure that its products comply with local laws and regulations, and continue to promote industry self-discipline and consumer education to ensure the correct use and sale of vape products. Through these efforts, Veehoo vape Company hopes to provide a safe, legal and healthy vape market environment for minors.

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