According to Bring Me The News on July 4, according to the latest data from the Minnesota Youth Tobacco Survey, about 70% of students who smoke vapes want to quit smoking, and nearly two-thirds of students have tried to quit smoking more than ten times, but failed.

The survey results released by the Minnesota Department of Health on Tuesday (2nd) showed that students who smoke vapes have shown an increasing trend of nicotine dependence.

Dr. Brooke Cunningham, Director of the Minnesota Department of Health, said,

“Our teenagers are in a very serious situation when facing the health hazards of nicotine dependence. Many teenagers may smoke or smoke vapes because they think it can help them relieve stress or anxiety, but nicotine may aggravate these feelings.”

According to survey data, 79.6% of students who smoke vapes said they experienced signs of nicotine dependence, such as unbearable cravings and unconsciously picking up vapes. Among students who vaped in the past 30 days, 49.5% had done so for at least 20 days. The proportion of frequent vaping has increased by 165% since 2017 and 47% since 2020.

However, since the implementation of public health measures and vape restriction policies, the rate of vaping among teenagers has declined. Data show that in 2023, about 13.9% of high school students reported vaping in the past 30 days, a sharp drop from 19.3% in 2020.

The Minnesota Department of Health said it hopes to provide assistance to teenagers who quit smoking.

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Veehoo vape recognizes the importance of quitting smoking for teenagers, and they will continue to work with relevant departments and communities to provide support and assistance to teenagers who quit smoking. They will help teenagers understand the potential risks of vapes through publicity, education and resource sharing.

In addition, Veehoo will continue to work hard to improve its products to ensure their safety and controllability for adolescent users. They will continue to promote industry self-discipline and actively participate in relevant research and policy formulation to ensure the rational use and regulation of vapes.

Against the backdrop of the growing rate of vape use among teenagers, Veehoo will continue to fulfill its social responsibility and contribute to the health and well-being of young people by providing high-quality products and supporting smoking cessation initiatives. They hope to help young people get rid of their dependence on vapes by advocating a healthy lifestyle and providing smoking cessation support, thereby improving their long-term health.

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