Recently, the Italian government has relaxed restrictions on the sale of vapes, but stipulates that consumers can only pick up the goods at tobacco shops or pharmacies. Veehoo vape manufacturers expressed their support for this decision and believed that it would help reduce the impact of vapes on minors without affecting the normal consumption of adults.

Over the past few years, vapes have grown rapidly around the world, becoming an item many people cannot live without. However, vapes have become increasingly attractive to teenagers due to insufficient restrictions on their use and sale, which has raised concerns.

In order to solve this problem, the Italian government decided to relax restrictions on the sale of vapes, and stipulated that only tobacco shops and pharmacies can sell vapes. This measure aims to restrict minors from purchasing vapes while protecting the consumer rights of adults.

Manufacturers of Veehoo vapes said they fully support the decision and view it as a positive move. The company stated that they have always been committed to protecting the health of minors, and their products are only sold to adults. In addition, the company also stated that this measure will help reduce the appeal of vapes to minors, thereby reducing the smoking rate of minors.

Although this regulation will also affect the convenience of adults to buy vapes, it is believed that with the development of time, the relevant regulations on vapes will be more perfect, and veehoo will continue to devote itself to developing safer and more reliable products.