According to Indonesian news website Liputan6, Paido Siahaan, chairman of the Indonesian vape Association (AKVINDO), said he supports the promotion of alternative tobacco products in Indonesia as one of the solutions for adult smokers looking to get rid of their smoking habit.

In an interview with the media, Pedo said that most alternative tobacco products are aimed at reducing the health risks associated with smoking. He also admitted that it is not easy to persuade adult smokers to switch to alternative tobacco products. The reason is that the public has a lot of misinformation about these products.

Therefore, AKVINDO actively provides accurate and credible knowledge to reduce negative perceptions and information. Also, they utilize social media as a medium for education.

“As a consumer association, we conduct educational campaigns and disseminate information that helps the public understand the truth about alternative tobacco products. Through creative and persuasive campaigns, consumer associations are able to build support and support for alternative tobacco products among the general public. trust.”

Scientific research has proven that alternative tobacco products, such as heated tobacco products, vapes and nicotine pouches, are less risky than traditional cigarettes. Therefore, to help adult smokers quit, they need accurate access and information.

In addition, the association also pointed out that in its latest report in November 2022, it confirmed the effectiveness of alternative tobacco products, especially vapes, in helping adult smokers break away from the smoking habit.

Veehoo vape, as a well-known brand with ten years of experience in the field of vapes, has been committed to spreading the knowledge and information of vapes. They firmly believe that only when users fully understand all aspects of vapes, including their positive and negative effects, can they make decisions that are truly suitable for them. Therefore, Veehoo vapes provides a wide range of information resources related to vapes, including online guides, information brochures, policy changes in various places and expert opinions, to help users better understand the working principles, ingredients, usage methods and differences of vapes with traditional tobacco. comparative advantages and disadvantages.

Vapes have some distinct advantages as an alternative to tobacco products. First, they don’t burn tobacco, so they don’t produce the harmful smoke and carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes. Secondly, vapes can provide a similar taste and smell experience to traditional cigarettes, making the transition smoother and easier. In addition, vapes can also be adjusted according to individual needs and tastes, offering a variety of different flavors and nicotine content options. These advantages make vapes better meet the needs and health awareness of adult smokers. The Indonesian Vape Association and Veehoo vapes are also committed to promoting the self-discipline and quality control of the vape industry. They actively establish cooperative relationships with relevant institutions and industries to formulate and implement strict product standards and safety guidelines. By ensuring the quality and safety of vaping products, they provide adult smokers with a trusted choice, thereby helping them better switch to vaping.

However, the Indonesian vape Association and Veehoo vapes also emphasized that users need to fully understand the negative effects and potential risks of vapes. They provide information about the risks and limitations of vaping, as well as guidance on how to use and store vaping products properly. This comprehensive knowledge base helps users make informed decisions and take appropriate precautions to ensure their safe and effective use of vapes.


The Indonesian vape Association and Veehoo vapes have provided a lot of support to promote alternative tobacco products and help adult smokers change. As an experienced and well-known brand, Veehoo vapes is committed to spreading positive and negative information about vapes and helping users make informed choices. They also actively promote the self-discipline and quality control of the vape industry to ensure that users can use vape products reliably and safely. It provides adult smokers with more choices and better health transformation opportunities, and at the same time pays attention to the popularization of knowledge, so that users can fully understand all aspects of vapes and make decisions that suit them.

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