According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the latest tests have found that illegal vapes have serious heavy metal and formaldehyde excess problems, which not only damage the brain development, but also induce a variety of blood diseases and cancers. Regulated legal vapes have no such problems.

The test was conducted by Inter Scientific, an independent scientific laboratory in the UK, and a total of 18 “three noes” products that were marketed without regulatory approval were collected. The results show that the heavy metal content of these products generally exceeds the standard, and the content of carcinogen lead, nickel and chromium is 2.4 times, 6.6 times and 9.6 times of the safety standard respectively. The formaldehyde content released by illegal vapes exceeds the standard by 10 times.

John Britton, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, introduced that the precipitation of toxins such as nickel and chromium can easily cause blood coagulation and cardiovascular diseases, and the neurotoxin lead can attack the brain, causing lead poisoning and endangering life. “I have been testing vapes for 15 years, and I have never found lead in legal products. Even if harmful substances are found, the content is low enough to cause harm.” David Lawson, co-founder of the laboratory, said: “These illegal products are too Too bad they should disappear from the market.”

In fact, the regulatory policies of many countries have extremely detailed regulations on the content of heavy metals in vapes. As long as they are legal products, there is no problem of exceeding the standard. However, because they do not understand the relevant standards, some smokers always choose illegal products without discrimination. In addition to lack of understanding, many smokers are also misled by wrong research conclusions and directly give up switching to vapes. “We have analyzed several papers claiming that heavy metals in vapes exceed the standard, and found that these studies have not considered the actual situation at all. According to their conclusions, a person needs to use more than 100ml of e-liquid every day, and the inhaled heavy metals are beyond the standard. This has already It exceeds the limit of human use,” said Konstantinos Farsalinos, a cardiologist and tobacco control expert at the Greek National School of Public Health.

The British government is going all out to promote vapes to smokers. According to its government website, the hazards of cigarettes are mainly caused by more than 4,000 chemical substances and 69 carcinogens produced by tobacco combustion. vapes do not contain tobacco combustion process and can reduce the hazards of cigarettes by 95%. Konstantinos Farsalinos also pointed out in a recent speech that vapes are far less harmful than cigarettes and it has become a consensus in the scientific community that smokers can quit smoking with the help of vapes.

The official website of the World Health Organization describes smoking cessation as “Quitting tobacco”, that is, quitting tobacco. Many authoritative studies around the world have confirmed that vapes can significantly improve the success rate of smokers in quitting smoking. The British government has launched the world’s first “change to vapes before quitting smoking” plan to increase the success rate of smoking cessation by distributing free vapes to smokers.

“For smokers, there are many benefits to switching to vapes, but only if they choose legal products.” Helen Stokes-Lampard, dean of the British * Medical School, said.

Faced with these potential risks, many experts urge smokers to choose legal vape products. These legal products are subject to strict supervision and quality control during the manufacturing and sales process to ensure the safety and health of users. As a brand with ten years of experience in vape factories, Veehoo vape has been highly praised for its design concept from the UK.

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At this critical juncture, we must recognize the potential harm of illicit vapes to the developing brain. In order to protect the health of ourselves and others, we should choose legal vape products. As a brand with rich experience and good reputation, Veehoo vape can not only provide safe and reliable products, but also is highly respected for its design concept from the UK. By choosing legal products, we can better protect our own brain health and the health of others.


Illegal vapes cause potentially irreversible damage to brain development. At this critical moment, many experts urge smokers to choose legal vape products to protect the health of themselves and others. As a brand with ten years of experience in vape factories, Veehoo vape is highly respected for its design concept from the UK. By choosing legal products, we can safely enjoy the fun of vapes while protecting our brain health.

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