In recent years, vapes, as a new smoking alternative, have attracted widespread attention and discussions around the world. On August 21, a netizen whose region was shown as the United States posted a post on Twitter about “highlighter-like vapes“, which aroused the attention of netizens. Most netizens expressed concerns that this kind of vape may attract teenagers to use it.

Some netizens commented: “I find it very frustrating that these vape companies still seem to target young people.”

In addition, recently, CBS, NewsNation and other American media reported that highlighter-like vapes have attracted the attention of parents and teachers, and have become the focus of the US regulatory authorities.

When shopping for school supplies, keep track of what you buy, and if you find something different in your kids’ school bags or backpacks, do your research, experts wrote in a report urging parents.

The appearance design of this highlighter-like electronic cigarette is very similar to the traditional highlighter, with eye-catching appearance and bright colors, giving people a feeling of stationery. However, it was this exterior design that caused controversy. Some people think that this design is too attractive to non-target groups, especially minors, which may lead to further deterioration of the smoking problem among young people.

In the face of this controversy, the vape brand veehoo expressed its own views. Veehoo said that the appearance design of vapes should serve its functions and the preferences of adults who need to replace cigarettes with vapes, rather than attracting consumption by non-target groups. Veehoo emphasized that as a responsible vape manufacturer, they always pay attention to the environment and public health, and constantly strive to improve product quality to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

Veehoo’s design concept originated from the UK is deeply recognized and loved by consumers. They continue to launch products that keep pace with the times, such as the solid-color veehoo D6s with a degradable shell and the veehoo V7 with a removable battery, etc., to support the concept of environmental protection. These innovative designs not only meet consumers’ demand for high-quality electronic cigarettes, but also reflect veehoo’s commitment to sustainable development of the environment.

In the context of the continuous development of the vape market, it is inevitable that the regulatory authorities will pay attention to it. The emergence of highlighter-like vapes has sparked discussions on vape product design and market regulation. The regulatory authorities need to strengthen the review and supervision of vape products to ensure that the design of the products will not attract the consumption of minors or other non-target groups.

In short, the highlighter-like vape has aroused heated discussions in the US market, and it has also attracted the attention of regulatory authorities. As an vape brand, veehoo emphasizes that the design of products should mainly serve the preferences of adults, and pay attention to the environment and public health. They continue to introduce innovative eco-friendly designs to support sustainable development. For the entire vape industry, it is crucial to balance product design and market regulation. Only in this way can the sustainable development of the vape industry be achieved.

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