According to Recyclingmagazin, the German Federal Ministry of the Environment (BDE) and the Ministry of Consumer Protection released a draft revision of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), which also includes regulations for the disposal of disposable vapes.

Andreas Bruckschen, director of the department, said that the latest e-waste disposal bill has some positive guiding provisions. However, the low recycling rate of e-waste and the repeated occurrence of battery fires in the waste treatment industry The question calls for a comprehensive and in-depth revision of the regulations on new electronic equipment, not the minimal intervention envisaged by environmental agencies.

However, BDE said it was disappointed with the recycling regulations for disposable vapes. The regulation requires all points of sale to accept the recycling of disposable vapes from mid-2026. A more consistent approach would be to ban disposable vapes entirely. The BDE and the German Federal Council have urged the federal government to work towards a ban on vapes in the past. In addition, German Environment Minister Lemke called for the implementation of relevant bans at the EU level last year. Unlike Belgium, which has decided to ban disposable vapes from 2025 and thus generated pressure for action at the European level, Germany has not made such a similar national decision.

“The problems in this area are still relatively big, so there is a need to find big solutions now,” Brookshen said. “The department has repeatedly promised to promote product manufacturer accountability, but in the current draft we see almost none.” Such an effort.”

Recently, the German Ministry of Environmental Protection called for strengthening the vape recycling system and revised the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act. For Veehoo vapes, actively participating in the construction of recycling systems is an important part of promoting environmental protection actions. This article will explore the contribution Veehoo vapes can make in recycling to promote sustainable development and environmental protection.

Design for recyclability

Veehoo vapes can consider recyclability during the product design phase. Made of detachable and decomposable parts for easy recycling and reuse. By optimizing product structure and material selection, Veehoo vapes can reduce the generation of e-waste and improve recycling efficiency.

Recycling system cooperation

Veehoo vapes can actively cooperate with the recycling system and establish partnerships with local recycling agencies and processing manufacturers. By participating in the recycling network, Veehoo vapes can ensure that their products are recycled and disposed of correctly, effectively reducing negative impact on the environment.

Awareness raising and education

Veehoo vapes can increase consumer awareness of recycling through publicity and education activities. They can provide clear recycling markings and guidance on product packaging to communicate the importance of recycling to consumers and provide guidance on recycling points and sources of information. By raising consumers’ environmental awareness, Veehoo vapes can promote the popularization and effective implementation of recycling actions.

Environmental Initiative Support

Veehoo vapes can actively participate in environmental initiatives and support legislation and actions to ban disposable vapes. They can work with environmental organizations and government agencies to promote the formulation and enforcement of relevant laws and regulations. By supporting a ban on disposable vapes, Veehoo vapes demonstrate a commitment to and responsibility for environmental protection.

In conclusion:

Veehoo vapes can make an important contribution in recycling, driving environmental action and promoting sustainable development. By designing recyclable products, actively participating in recycling system cooperation, raising consumer recycling awareness and supporting environmental initiatives, Veehoo vapes have made efforts to reduce the generation of e-waste and promote resource recycling. Veehoo vapes are committed to becoming an environmentally friendly industry leader and making positive contributions to building a sustainable future through recycling actions.

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