Four retail chains including Sanborns, Benavides, 711 and Oxxo will be able to freely sell vaping products through a business-driven legal protection, despite Mexico’s president’s ban on vaping sales, Mexican media reported.

This means that Veehoo International will be able to freely distribute its vaping products in Mexico. The “Milenio” newspaper mentioned in a report: “Informed sources revealed that Oxxo obtained the final judgment at the Second Administrative Court of Mexico City on August 10, 2023.”

The retailers said the recent judgments underscored the urgency of regulating the vaping market, which they believed would benefit consumers, merchants and government agencies as it would ensure the quality of all products and reduce the informal market , and create a more transparent and competitive market.

As one of the largest economies in Latin America, Mexico has a huge consumer market and a huge potential vape market. In the past few years, vapes have grown rapidly around the world and become a much-watched alternative to smoking. However, in some countries and regions, the legal sale and use of vapes has been restricted. The Mexican government’s allowing chain retail stores to sell vapes this time is regarded as a positive move that provides broader development opportunities for the vape industry.

Veehoo International, as an experienced and innovative vape manufacturer and supplier, will be able to enter the Mexican market and freely distribute its vape products. This is an important milestone for Veehoo International, marking the success of the company’s expansion in the international market. The opening of the Mexican market will bring more sales opportunities and revenue growth to Veehoo International, further consolidating its position in the global vape industry.

However, with the opening of the Mexican market, it has also raised some controversies and concerns about vapes. Although vapes are considered healthier than traditional cigarettes and can help smokers quit, some studies have shown that the long-term effects and potential risks of vapes are still controversial. Therefore, while allowing the sale of vapes, the Mexican government also needs to formulate corresponding regulatory policies to ensure product quality and user safety.

In addition, the vaping industry also needs to operate in a self-disciplined and responsible manner. Suppliers and manufacturers should ensure the quality and safety of their products and comply with relevant regulations and standards. At the same time, it is also crucial to educate consumers about the proper use and potential risks of vapes to safeguard their health and well-being.

In general, the Mexican government has allowed four retail chains to sell vapes, giving vape suppliers such as Veehoo International the opportunity to enter the Mexican market. This decision has brought new opportunities for the development of the vape industry in Mexico. However, government, industry and consumers need to work together to ensure that the legal sale and use of vapes is consistent with health and safety guarantees. Only with proper regulation and industry self-discipline can the vape industry achieve sustainable development and provide users with safer choices. The opening of the Mexican market is an important milestone for Veehoo International, and it also provides Mexican consumers with more choices and convenience. With the continuous development and innovation of the vape industry, we look forward to witnessing the prosperity of the vape market in Mexico and helping more people achieve their goals of quitting smoking and improve their health and quality of life.

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