November 22 – The Russian Finance Ministry has proposed raising the excise tax on heated tobacco (Iqos, glo and other products) by 33% in 2023, instead of the 4% currently planned, Russian media RTVI reported. In addition, the excise tax on e-cigarettes and nicotine-containing liquids used in e-cigarettes could increase by 94 percent instead of 6 percent.

If implemented, the law could lead to a sharp increase in the price of e-cigarettes in Russia, which in the short term could lead to black market trade, damage the interests of legitimate businesses and drive out bad money from good ones.

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More and more countries begin to pay attention to the e-cigarette market, the e-cigarette market begins to be orderly from disorder, the future black market of e-cigarette market will be less and less, all countries do e-cigarette products will only compete for brand power.

So in the long run, only a brand agent like veehoo will be competitive in the e-cigarette market.

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The tax increase on e-cigarettes in Russia will continue to overstock the e-cigarette market, but it is also a very good opportunity, and the future of the e-cigarette market must be very promising.

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