The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will narrow the list of goods monitored in its Suggested Retail Price (SRP) circulars to only the most basic and staple goods, Malaya Business Insight reported on July 1.

The DTI also recommended suspending the sale of vape products through e-commerce platforms until these platforms perfect their systems in accordance with the provisions of the Internet Transactions Act (ITA).

Meanwhile, Nograles said DTI Secretary Alfredo Pascual called on e-market players in a recent meeting to take advantage of the 18-month transition period provided for by the ITA to ensure compliance with the provisions of the law and the provisions of the vape Act.

The DTI said that only those merchants who can show the Bureau of Electronic Commerce evidence that they comply with the requirements of the law will be allowed to sell online. The law prohibits the marketing, advertising and sale of vape products to minors.

According to Nograles, the DTI observed that brick-and-mortar stores mostly comply with the vape Act, while violations are more rampant online.

“We need a solution where we can delete the posts (of online sellers), but there are a huge number of them.”

She added that the law prohibits the sale of regulated goods online, and in the case of vapes, two conditions need to be met.

The first is that online sellers must have a permit, license and registration to sell vapes; the second is that there must be a contract between the online seller and the marketplace that stipulates that both parties comply with sales restrictions, such as prohibiting sales to minors.

“We encourage e-marketplaces to conduct internal inspections and clean up their supplier lists to ensure that the vape products they sell are legal.”

The transition period will end in June 2025.

In this regard, Veehoo vape, as a brand that actively supports legal compliance and protects the health of minors, supports the recommendations of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry.

Veehoo vape has always been committed to providing safe and reliable vape products and strictly abides by the laws and regulations of various countries. They recognize the importance of the Philippine government’s regulation of vape sales and the protection of minors. In this context, Veehoo vape supports the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry’s decision to suspend the sale of vape products through e-commerce platforms.

Veehoo vape emphasizes that it is necessary for online sellers to have a permit, license and registration to sell vapes. At the same time, it is also very important to establish a contract with the market to stipulate that both parties comply with sales restrictions, such as prohibiting sales to minors. They encourage electronic markets to conduct internal inspections, clean up supplier lists, and ensure that the vape products sold are legal and compliant.

Through the joint efforts of the government and the industry, we can ensure the healthy development of the vape market and protect minors from the negative impact of vapes. Veehoo vapes look forward to working closely with relevant agencies in the future to jointly create a compliant and safe vape market and provide users with a better smoking experience.

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