According to infobae’s report on April 2, Colombia passed new legislation to include vapes and vapes in the Anti-Tobacco Law, setting a precedent for Colombia to combat the effects of addictive substances.

The main goal of the legislative project, passed after the fourth and final debate in Congress, is to include vapes and vaping devices in 2009’s Bill 1335, the “anti-tobacco law.” This means that previous advertising restrictions on tobacco products, bans on smoking in public places and measures to prevent tobacco consumption will now also apply to vapes and vaping devices.

The legislative project is led by Carolina Giraldo, a representative of the Green Alliance party, who said that the project is a milestone in legislation in Colombia, which has so far lacked regulation.

“Strict regulation of these products (vapes) is vital to protect public health and stem the tide of their consumption.”

The most notable aspect of the legislative project is a ban on the sale of these electronic products to minors. Senators Norma Hurtado, José David Name and Representative Víctor Manuel Salcedo of the U Party was the main driver of this initiative.

The law also stipulates that label warnings, advertising restrictions, and manufacturer sponsorship bans should be adopted to prevent the consumption of vapes to protect the health of the Colombian public.

According to data from the Third University of the Andes Population-Based Epidemiology of Drug Use Study and the 2017 National Youth Tobacco Survey, Colombia has the second-highest vape consumption in the region, after Ecuador. This data reflects the Colombian government’s adoption of legislation. measures to address the problem.

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