As an alternative to traditional tobacco, vapes have become popular around the world in recent years. However, many users may not understand the composition of the coil in an vape and the dangers of dry burning. This article will explain the materials coils are made from, the dangers of dry burning, and emphasize the importance of avoiding accidental dry burning.

What are coils made of?

The coil is an important part of the vape, used to heat the liquid and create an atomization effect. Most coils used in vapes are made of metal. Common materials include chromium, nickel, stainless steel, and titanium. These metals have good electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance, making them ideal for making coils.

Chemist's advice: Don't dry-burn coils when using vapes

Why is dry burning dangerous?

Dry burning means that when using an vape, the coil is heated without enough liquid covering it. This can cause the coil to overheat and produce harmful chemicals. When the coil overheats, the metallic material may release toxic fumes, including chromium, nickel and other volatile substances. Inhalation of these chemicals can cause serious damage to human health, including respiratory irritation, poisoning and other long-term health problems.

Accidental dry burn:

Accidental dry burning occurs when the coil fails to make proper contact with the liquid for some reason and overheats during normal use of the vape. This can be caused by things like insufficient fluid, aging coils, or incorrect assembly. Accidental dry burning may cause damage to the coil, release of toxic smoke substances, and even risk an vape explosion. Therefore, when using vapes, special attention must be paid to avoid dry burning.

Chemist's advice: Don't dry-burn coils when using vapes

In conclusion:

For vape users, it is important to understand the materials that coils are made of and the dangers of dry burning. Avoiding dry-burning coils protects the health and safety of the user. Here are some suggestions:

By using vapes correctly and avoiding dry-burning coils, we can minimize the potential health hazards of vapes and ensure safe use. When using vapes, it is important to always keep in mind your own health and safety.

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