According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, vapes can be carried, but you need to pay attention to the following points:

1.Carry it with you: vapes are flammable items and cannot be checked in, but can only be carried with you. vapes need to be placed in hand luggage separately from other items.

    2.Prohibition of use: Smoking, including vapes, is prohibited whether in the cabin or at the airport. Therefore, vapes are only carried for convenience and storage, and are not allowed to be used in the cabin or at the airport. If there is a safety accident caused by smoking, we will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

    3.Pay attention to the battery: the battery in the vape is also a dangerous product and needs to be protected. Batteries should be placed in fireproof bags to avoid short circuit and damage.

    4.Before boarding the plane, you can consult relevant service personnel for more details and guidelines on vape consignment, so as to ensure your travel goes smoothly.

    5. Contact the airline: If you are not sure whether vapes can be carried, it is recommended that you contact the airline for confirmation in advance, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss due to improper carrying. It should be noted that different countries and regions may have different regulations on vapes. It is recommended that you understand the relevant local regulations before traveling to avoid breaking the law or causing unnecessary troubles.

    At the same time, whether to carry Veehoo on the plane or choose to check it in, you need to pay attention to the following points:

    Carry on: Veehoo needs to be placed in carry-on luggage and needs to go through security. During the security check, the device and the atomizer need to be separated, the pod is taken out of the pod, and the body and the pod are placed in the X-ray machine of the security check for inspection.

    Checked baggage: If the battery is included, the battery needs to be separated from the body, and the body and pods should be placed in the checked luggage separately.

    It should be noted that if you choose consignment, it is recommended to empty the pods to avoid problems such as oil leakage during transportation.

    In short, when choosing to carry or check Veehoo, you need to follow the airline’s regulations and ensure safety.