According to British media reports, the popularity of disposable vapes has surged in the UK since 2021, with a survey finding that their popularity increased 18-fold between January 2021 and April 2022. In just 15 months, its popularity among the 18-year-old age group has increased from 0.4% to 54.8%.

This has led to a new waste problem, with around 1.3 million devices being thrown away in the UK every week. As a result, around 10,000 kilograms of lithium from vape batteries end up in UK landfills every year, threatening nearby waterways with toxic nickel, cobalt and organic solvents.

The research team suspects that the batteries used in disposable vapes are rechargeable, but they are unaware of any previous studies evaluating how long the lithium-ion batteries in these products last.

To test this, a research team led by Professor Paul Schelling (Department of Engineering Sciences, University of Oxford and Department of Chemical Engineering, UCL) collected batteries from disposable vapes under controlled conditions and then used them to study electric vehicles and Use the same tools and techniques for batteries in other devices to evaluate them.

British study: disposable vape lithium batteries can be charged and discharged more than 450 times

They examined the cells under a microscope and used X-ray tomography to map their internal structure and understand their constituent materials. By repeatedly charging and discharging the cells, they determined the cells’ ability to maintain their electrochemical properties over time, finding that in some cases they could be charged hundreds of times.

Professor Schelling said: “What surprised us was the results that pointed to how long these batteries could be cycled. If you use low charge and discharge rates, you see that after more than 700 cycles, they still retain more than 90% of their capacity. In fact, this It’s a pretty good battery. And these batteries are just thrown away. They’re left on the side of the road.”

At the very least, the public needs to be aware of the types of batteries that go into these devices and the need to properly dispose of these batteries. Manufacturers should provide an ecosystem for the reuse and recycling of vape batteries and should move to rechargeable devices as the default option.

Professor Schelling and his team are also investigating new, more selective methods of battery recycling that would allow recovery of individual components without cross-contamination, as well as more sustainable battery chemistries, including post-lithium-ion, lithium sulfide and sodium-ion batteries .

To address the challenges facing the entire battery supply chain, he also added that scientists should consider the life cycle of the battery when considering any application: “This actually permeates all of our work, whether it’s a nebulizer battery Or a battery for an electric helicopter. When thinking about the life cycle of a battery device, we need to fully understand the life of the battery.”

British study: disposable vape lithium batteries can be charged and discharged more than 450 times

Hamish Reid, lead author of the study from UCL’s Department of Chemical Engineering, said: “The popularity of disposable vapes has surged in recent years. Although they are marketed as disposable products, our research shows that the Lithium-ion batteries can be charged and discharged more than 450 times. This work highlights the huge waste of limited resources caused by disposable vapes.”

The study, “Lithium-ion batteries in smoke: considerations in disposable vapes,” has been published in the journal Joule.

This work was supported by an EPSRC CASE award, the Faraday Institute, the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) and the Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies; support was also provided by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

Against this background, Veehoo has launched a disposable vape with a removable battery called Veehoo V7, leading the innovation trend in the industry.

Veehoo V7 7500Puffs Removable Battery Disposable Electronic Cigarette: Revolutionary Design

Veehoo V7 7500Puffs removable battery disposable vape is a product launched by Veehoo, which leads the innovation trend in the industry in terms of design and functionality. This vape uses a removable battery design, allowing users to replace the battery, thus extending the battery life.

Highlights of Veehoo V7 7500Puffs Removable Battery Disposable vape:

High Capacity Battery: Veehoo V7 7500Puffs removable battery disposable vape is equipped with a high capacity battery, allowing users to enjoy longer use. This battery design provides users with approximately 7,500 puffs of smoke, allowing users to continue using it for a longer period of time and reduce the frequency of replacing the vape.

British study: disposable vape lithium batteries can be charged and discharged more than 450 times

Removable battery: Unlike traditional disposable vapes, the Veehoo V7 7500Puffs removable battery disposable vape is designed to allow users to replace the battery by themselves. This design not only extends the service life of the vape, but also reduces the impact on the environment. Users can purchase additional batteries for emergencies, while also reducing the negative impact of discarded vapes on the environment.

Innovative appearance design: Veehoo V7 7500Puffs removable battery disposable vape adopts an innovative appearance design, which not only conforms to modern aesthetics, but also focuses on practicality and comfort. Its compact size, sleek casing and personalized stickers make it easy for users to carry and provide a comfortable hand feel when using it.

In conclusion:

British research shows that the discovery that disposable vape lithium batteries can be charged and discharged more than 450 times has brought new development opportunities to the vape industry. Veehoo company keeps up with the trend of the times and launches Veehoo V7 7500Puffs removable battery disposable vape. This product has innovative breakthroughs in design and function, providing users with a longer service life and better use experience. The introduction of this product will further promote the development of the vape industry, bring more choices to users, and also have positive significance for environmental protection. As technology continues to advance and be driven by innovation, we can expect the vape industry to continue to grow and bring more convenient and healthy choices to users.

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