According to British media Cityam, law enforcement officers in London, England, conducted a 55,000-pound raid on an American candy store in the West End and seized a large area of illegal vapes, fake designer mobile phone cases, and candies containing additives banned in the UK. etc. items.

British American Tobacco (BAT) calls for more tax and regulation. In 2020, the company began rolling out its “Better Tomorrow” transformation plan, which centers on the idea that the world is moving away from traditional cigarettes. The products that replace it vary by market, although they all have some connection to nicotine.

The Better Tomorrow program aims to reduce the health impact of BAT’s business by providing consumers around the world with lower-risk product options. Take Japan as an example. The products the plan focuses on are heat-not-burn tobacco products, which account for 40% of the market share. In markets such as the UK, vapes and e-atomizers are given priority.

In other markets, smokeless and non-tobacco products are rapidly gaining market share and BAT hopes to cover these markets across its diversified business lines. In the UK, BAT said the government needed to go further than existing proposed regulations. Under the new proposals, the government said it would impose an excise tax on vapes, which could bring in up to £120 million in the 2026-2027 tax year. Meanwhile, the government said it would ban disposable vapes in April next year and fine shops in England and Wales £100 on the spot if they sell the products to people under 18.

However, research data presented by BAT shows that many hope the regulations will further protect and expand the market. According to the study, 90% of elementary school parents said they were concerned about underage use of vapes. In a survey conducted by the company among 2,000 parents of middle school students, more than half believed that stores not checking ID cards was the main source of vape use by minors. The company called for increased fines, in line with those proposed by France, with the worst offenders potentially facing fines of up to 100,000 euros. At the same time, the company has also called for increased excise duties and taxes on these products. BAT noted that increasing taxes will increase government regulation and reduce the risk of illegal or illegal products entering the market.

Ultimately, BAT hopes to increase acceptance of vapes and other smoke-free products by advocating for tighter restrictions. The company’s research shows that some smokers are resistant to using vapes and vaping due to concerns about the risks of buying products that may be unregulated and illegal. They argue this harms public health in the UK and prevents smokers from switching and improving their lifestyles.

Asli Ertonguc, BAT’s head of operations in the UK, said: “We acknowledge that companies like BAT have traditionally been seen as anti-regulatory. We are clear on our responsibilities and therefore want to Open discussion about appropriate regulation that will address underage use of vapes while maintaining vapes as an important tool in helping the UK achieve its smoke-free target by 2030, a goal that BAT supports.” “vapes are the key to achieving this. “Key to the UK’s goal of being smoke-free.” Etonguchi said, “As the largest vape manufacturer in the UK, we believe we have a narrow window to get it right on the tobacco and vape bill. Simply put, parents They want us to do more to address underage vape use, and so do we.”

In its 2023 annual report, British American Tobacco listed “the growth of illegal disposable vaping products” as one of its key growth risks. It believes the growth of these products could undermine its target of achieving 50% of revenue from non-combustible products by 2035 and have an impact on international ambitions to reduce cigarette consumption.

As a brand with ten years of vape factory experience, Veehoo vapes also has its own views on this issue. As a company focused on providing high-quality, safe and reliable vape products, veehoo vapes firmly supports strengthening supervision and compliance measures to ensure that minors are not exposed to vape products.

The rapid development of the vape industry has also brought some negative impacts, such as the growth of illegal disposable vape products. The growth of these illegal products may have an impact on the company’s goal of achieving 50% of revenue from non-combustion products by 2035, according to BAT’s annual report. Veehoo vapes will face similar challenges, so they actively call for strengthening supervision to curb the inflow of these illegal products.

To sum up, both British American Tobacco and Veehoo vapes are calling for strengthening supervision and tax measures on the vape market. They recognize that the rapid growth of the vape market has brought about some problems, especially concerns about underage use of vapes. By strengthening regulatory and compliance measures, they hope to ensure that vapes, as a lower-risk alternative, play a positive role in smokers’ health transitions and improved lifestyles. At the same time, they are also committed to combating the inflow of illegal products and protecting the rights and safety of consumers.

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