At the 2023 British vape Exhibition on October 28, the reporter noticed a disposable vape recycling charity organization called “GREEN WINGS PROJECT”. The organization says it is committed to using scientific and effective methods to harmlessly recycle disposable vapes. It currently has multiple sponsors, including vape brand companies and logistics companies. In addition, the organization also cooperates with some social organizations.

GREEN WINGS PROJECT staff at the exhibition told reporters that as a public welfare project, GREEN WINGS PROJECT recycles disposable vapes for free. According to reports, the current main brand sponsor of the organization is ELUX. In addition to vape brands, the organization also cooperates with local logistics companies in the UK.

British environmental charity: Recycling vapes is the most fundamental way to solve pollution

The above-mentioned on-site staff said that many environmental protection agencies now insist on a complete ban on disposable vapes, but just like the alcohol prohibition in the United States decades ago, alcohol prohibition cannot fundamentally solve the problem with just one ban. In the same way, for disposable vapes, recycling is the fundamental solution. During the epidemic from 2020 to 2021, GREEN WINGS PROJECT began to realize that the sales of vapes had suddenly increased, because one of the founders of the organization previously worked in the logistics industry, and he wanted to use vapes as an entry point to start a harmless recycling charity project. The organization currently focuses on vape recycling projects, and its largest and closest cooperative brand is ELUX.

According to reports, GREEN WINGS PROJECT currently has 6,000 recycling points and more than 10,000 recycling bins in the UK. In addition to foreign brand logistics companies, stores and distributors also choose to cooperate with them because they can save recycling costs.

British environmental charity: Recycling vapes is the most fundamental way to solve pollution

With the increasing popularity and use of vapes, widespread attention has been paid to the environmental impact of vapes. British environmental public welfare organizations recently stated that recycling vapes is the most fundamental way to solve the pollution problem. This article will take Veehoo vapes as an example to discuss the importance of vape recycling and Veehoo vapes’ efforts in environmental protection.

Environmental impacts of vapes:

The popularity of vapes has brought new challenges to the global environment. The manufacturing, waste disposal, and release of smoke from vaping devices and batteries all have a negative impact on the environment. Discarded vaping devices and batteries can contain harmful substances and, if not disposed of correctly, can cause contamination of soil and water sources. In addition, the smoke released by vapes may also have a certain impact on air quality.

The importance of recycling vapes:

Recycling vapes is one of the most fundamental ways to solve the problem of vape pollution. Through recycling, old vape equipment and batteries can be effectively disposed of, reducing the negative impact on the environment. Recycling can also promote the sustainable development of the vape industry and promote green production and consumption.

Veehoo vapes’ environmental efforts:

As an vape brand that values environmental protection, Veehoo vapes have made active efforts in environmental protection. First of all, Veehoo vapes focus on the selection of environmentally friendly materials in the product design and manufacturing process to reduce the impact on the environment. Secondly, Veehoo vapes encourage users to recycle vape equipment and batteries to ensure the correct disposal of waste.

British environmental charity: Recycling vapes is the most fundamental way to solve pollution

In conclusion:

Recycling vapes is the most fundamental way to solve the problem of vape pollution and is of great significance to environmental protection and sustainable development. As a brand with strong environmental awareness, Veehoo vapes have set an example for the vape industry and contributed to the cause of environmental protection through active environmental protection efforts. We should pay attention to the importance of vape recycling, and support and participate in related environmental protection activities to jointly create a cleaner and healthier environment.

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